My Keys to Second Half Success: vs. Miami

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Oct 1, 2006.

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    Okay, our Houston Texans have played a solid first half against the Miami Dolphins, tied at 3. This is a very well fought battle thus far, and I expect it to continue to be one in the second half.

    I am very pleased with our Texans this first half, and the following is what I feel our Texans must do in order to have second half success and pull out the W vs. Miami...

    -Little better of a run game. We have had a few solid run plays in the first half, but not enough. Edell Sheppard has nice gain when we gave him the ball to run. Dayne has again, picked up a few solid gains at times. I think we just need to get a little more out of the run game in the second half and this will help us greatly.

    -Keep up the good defense! I am very proud of our defense so far this game at the half. We are getting pressure on Culpepper, and have 3 sacks as a result. This defense has responded very nicely to criticism by our head coach Gary Kubiak. Defensive Coordinator Richard Smith is doing a great job calling this defense so far. If we keep this very solid D up in the second half, we can get our first W. Great defense thus far!

    -Focus, no sloppy play. We have done a tremendous job thru the half of playing disciplined football. Only 1 penalty I think of holding, so we are doing fairly well. We are not having costly turnovers aside from the pic Carr threw when he had AJ, that stuff will tend to happen. We are playing cleaner this game than we have the past 3, and I look for this to continue in the second half.

    Very good first half by our Texans, if we do the things listed above, make some big plays, we cna get a huge Win, and our first of the season.

    I feel it, let's Go Texans!:francis:

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