My Keys to Second Half Success: vs. Jacksonville

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Oct 22, 2006.

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    Okay, a great first half by our Houston Texans as we lead the Jacksonville Jaguars 10-0 at halftime. Jacksonville will recieve the ball to begin second half play.

    Again, a great first half of football by our Houston Texans we are making nice plays on both sides of the ball. The following is what I believe our Texans must do to have success in the second half of this game and pull out the huge W...

    -Come out in second half playing equally as hard. This has seemed to be a problem in a few games for our Texans so far this season, coming out in the second half flat after a nice first half. Jacksonville is a second half team, so this would not be a good thing at all. I look for our Texans to come out in the second half like this game is tied and continue to play hard and with emition like this first half.

    -Maintain descent run game. We have seen a few nice runs and solid pickups in the first half in our running game from Samkon Gado, and even Lundy is not doing all that bad. I look for Gado to have a few more solid pickups like 3 to 6 yards which move the ball foward, chew time make it a little easier on the passing game, etc. Again, not to bad running the ball in the first half, hopefully we can have a good second half, it would be big.

    -Maintain discliplined football. We have no penalties I dont think so far this first half, we are playing very disciplined. We were playing the same way penalty wise last week against Dallas, then were penaltized freuqnetly in the second half. We can not have this again in the second half this week versus a good team in Jacksonville, dumb penalites kill.

    Again, great first half by our Texan troops. We are playing great on both sides of the ball, fightning hard and showing tremendous emotion.

    Cotinue to cheer us on hearitly fans, we are doing great with that!

    This is a huge game, let's see what we got..


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