My Keys to Second Half Success: vs. Buffalo

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Nov 19, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans trail at the half, 17-14 to Buffalo. Buffalo will start the second half receiving the football.

    We are doing some very good things so far in the first half, but also making our mistakes. The following is what I believe our Texans must do in order to have success in the second half of this tight game and earn the W...

    -Better Pass Defense, espically against Lee Evans. We have given up two very, very long TD passes to Lee Evans. 2 80 some yarders I believe. Evans is a fast WR, maybe the fastest we have faced all year and he's having a good game so far. I look for our defense to start to shut him down and play better pass D in the second half. We are doing a nice job stopping the run, so now maybe we can pin our ears back and focus on Losman some.

    -Maintain good offensive play. We are certainly moving the ball down the field on this tough Bills defense, running the ball and passing the ball very well. I look for us to continue to do this in the second half, really no reason why we shouldnt.

    -Reduce turnovers. We have had 2 so far the first half of this game, an interception early and a costly fumble on our last offensive drive inside the 20 I believe before the half. We need to protect the ball better in the second half of this game, we can't afford any turnovers.

    Overall, a pretty action filled game thus far. Btoh team are making plays. I think if we do the things I listed above, we should be fine. This is another big game for our Texans, and I think we can pull this one out.

    GO TEXANS!:ok:

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