My Grades On The Texans!

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by footballguy69, Sep 10, 2006.

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    Short and sweet!
    QB- B- :much improved. Hard to tell what we could have done if the O line would have given DC time to throw. Significant improvement. No real happy feet!
    Running Backs - C-: No real holes and not very good blocking on blitz. They looked slow!
    Off. Line - D : Why was Eric Winston inactive? We needed another option at left tackle without musical chairs. Ol'Nasty #77 got taken to school.
    Receivers - B+ : Moulds and Johnson are true threats. If DC has more time with TE now active there is a future in the passing game. And we threw downfield more.
    Def. Line - D: not much pressure up front and poor tackling. Mario was single teamed most of the time and tackled poorly. Robaire Smith could have helped here.
    Linebackers - C : We are weak at outside backers. No quick fix here!
    Secondary - C- : Fooled too many times by McNabbs play action fakes and too much cushion on receivers too many times.
    Special Teams - B- : We miss Mathis. Good coverage on punts and kicks.
    Coaching - C- : Great 1st quarter and 7/8's of the 2nd quarter. After that no adjustments made that made any significant difference. Would be a D but Kubiak called entire offense over in one huddle in late 3rd quarter and it did some improvement for one series. Capers would have never done this! Kubiak will not take defeat laying down!

    Overall - C- Why so high? Freshman coach and Eagles are the real deal! What are your grades?:ok:
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    Get over the "fell down thing". He saw a blitz coming and tried to rush, it happens, even to the great Tom Brady, MNF against the Dolphins, de decided to throw it from his arse and got it picked and returned for the winning TD.
    QB-B+: not much else he could have done by himself, basically carried the team on offense, didnt get enough of the ball in the second half.
    RB D: what running backs? Obviously meager production and some poor pass blocking, only way to go is up
    WR A: AJ and Moulds caught everything thrown to them and made big plays happen. One of them should be going to Hawaii in the end of the season
    O-Line C: 2 sacks where their fault and no rushing room. Still, 2 sacks on over 30 pass attempts is not that bad, everyone else has to improve the protection
    D-Line C-: In the first half we limited Westrbook to 30 yards rushing and hit McNabb numerous times, although no sacks. We got visably tired in the second half
    Linebackers C+: LJ Smith wasnt much of a factor and Ryans was all over the place. Failed to contain Westbrook
    Secondary C-: Bit hard on the PA and gave up key 1st downs. Drob got beat a couple of times but held his own and made some big stops, everyone else was very inconsitent
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    I agree with your offensive assesment, but I think we have some big problems on D. OLB, S, and the D-line all looked way over matched and Im not sure what can be done to fix it.
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    QB - A-, Sorry Carr-haters, but he did everything right this game. Were there any bad passes that weren't throw-away situations? He hit receivers in stride, he spread the ball around, he went deep, he threaded through coverage. Tripping once and stepping on the sideline are both forgivable offenses, but they're the reason this isn't a solid A.

    RB - F, We accomplished nothing in the run game, getting tackled for loss almost as often as we managed to pick up a 2+ yarder. Worse, we weren't picking up blitzers and Carr was under pressure all day. This F is more about the missed blitzes than the unproductive running.

    TE - C-, Putzier gave up a drive-killing sack, converted one 3rd down catch, and apart from that, I didn't notice anything from a TE.

    WR - B, AJ and Moulds made the catches and got some decent YAC ( I was hoping for more). No one else did anything. Wait, Kevin Walter managed a fumble that went a few yards upfield and we got it back. I guess that's positive yardage.

    OL - D+, Right side looked like a mess. Left side was mediocre, but starting a rookie LT, I suppose that's to be expected. I'm more worried about the lack of holes for the runner than the sacks. Philly's Dline just plain beat our OL.

    Offensive Playcalling - C, Pretty good the first half, mediocre the second half. The run clearly wasn't working, but we stuck to it and took a big chunk of time off the clock. The pass game WAS working, but I don't recall a single instance where we tried three passes in a row. As a result, on any given series we would 1) run for short (often negative) yardage, 2) short pass and 3) 8-to-10 yard 3rd down pass. Sometimes 1 and 2 were reversed, but you get the idea. This would work three or four times in a row, because Carr and the WRs were doing a good job with #3, but when you put the drive on the line 4 or 5 times in a row, sooner or later, you fall short.

    DL - F. F-. In fact, I want to give them a zero.

    LB - C. We had DeMeco and a bunch of other guys, but at least that's what we were expecting from this group.

    CB - B+. Pleasantly surprised that the Eagles couldn't do more with the time we gave them.

    S - D+. CC Brown blew a couple coverages completely, including one for a long TD. Jason Simmons' big INT bumps this up from a D to D+.

    Defensive Playcalling - F. Did we blitz? At all? As ineffectual as our outside LB play was, you would have thought this could have helped our awful DL play.

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