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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Aug 21, 2006.

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    Okay, hack on another one in the win column for our boys this pre-season, as we defeated the Rams in St. Louis this past Saturday Night, 27-20. We are now 2-0, which is exciting, even though it is pre-season.

    Again, their were some things good and bad about Saturday Night's game vs. the Rams. Offensively, our offense did struggle some the first two drives. The Rams got some pressure on Carr and even sacked him once. I think our FB's (Jameel Cook) espically need to do a bit of a better job blocking and picking up the blitz.

    I thought Carr was a little shakey the first two drives as well, he as having a hard time gettting that ball out of his hands and holding it for a bit to long.

    Wali Lundy had a few nice runs, he will continue to add to our depth in the running back position. Vernand Morency really stepped up. He had a very explosive game including the 30 or 40 yard TD run. Morency also did a good job blocking for the QB and picking up blitzes. I feel we have tremendous depth at the running back position with just Lundy and Morency, let alone Smith and Davis- who will aslo be key contributers this season.

    Overall offensively early on, we did not show alot. We showed alot of last year's stuff, as opposed to Kubiak's new system, which may be why we were a bit shakey, but you dont want to give to much away in pre-season.

    Defensively, again I thought we stopped the run pretty well. Mario Williams got a little more involved which is what I wanted to see. He got to the QB a couple times, made a few tackles, etc. This was a step foward for him vs. St.Louis.

    I thought McCleon and Buchanon play fairly good games. McCleon knocked some balls down as did Buchanon. Buchanon also forced a fumble early in the second half on a run play, but had a bad play when he created defensive pass interference call on a one-on-one pass attempt which was a bad play because the ball was going to be much behind the intended reciver anyways.

    Buchanon made a couple nice returns on Special teams off punts and I like to see that. I think he should be our punt return man, it looks like has the speed and moves to do so. Bottom line with this guy, he has the athletic ability there's no doubt, but sometimes he is not a very smart player and that has what held him back some in his career. He also lets his attitude get to him a few times, but if these things can get fixed he can certainly be an explosive player for our team.

    About Kris Brown, he struggled at the end of last season and boched a field goal attempt in this game vs. St.Louis and he has shown this when he was in Pittsburgh as well. He's certainly made some big kicks for us in his 4-years here and has been fairly solid, with the exceptions as of late. I think we need to bring some competion in atleast at the kicker position to just give Kris Brown a little challenge to step-up a little, and take it from there.<P>

    Overall, some things looked good others not so good. Same occured vs. Kansas City. I think we showed less offensively this game however, and our offense did struggle some.

    We got the W, and if anything just some more motivation fro this team even though it means nothing in pre-season, as after you go 2-14 the previous year, you'll take anything you can get.

    Another road gamre next week vs. Denver, should be a true test for our football team, the 3rd pre-season game, and going into Mile High Stadium. Hopefully we get a little more out of the offense early, particularly the passing game next week- but we will have to see how much we will show.

    Go Texans, continue cheering on fans!:ok:
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