My Future Goals For Our Houston Texans

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Feb 5, 2006.

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    Okay, the future is very bright for Houston pro football. This offseason has already been great for us, and the draft hasen't even took place yet.

    Gary Kubiak was named our head coach, obviously a tremendous hire. He coached Steve Young, John Elway, and the much improved Jake Plummer. He knows offense, for sure. He also brings a quality coaching staff with him, with Troy Calhoun, a young and entergetic offensive coordinator, as well as Richard Smith, an experienced and wise defensive coordinator.

    Seeing into the draft, I would say there's a 90% chance of us taking Reggie Bush. This would just add to our stacked run game with Domanick Davis, having a back for speed (Bush) and power (Davis). Add the young gun David Carr in the mix with his hook-up buddy Andre Johnson and our offense as a unit has the potentail to be the best in the AFC.

    Defensively, young talent is gaining more experience. Dunta Robinson continues to learn and grow, and dont forget about last year's no. 1 pick for us, Travis Johnson. Yet, whats a defense without veteran leadership? Just ask Gary Walker, who was quoted as saying and the end of lat year "This team will win next season". Plus, we have a new d-coordinator, that helps.

    Sure, we are likely going to make some personal changes on both sides off the ball this offseason, and hopefully, they will all be for the better. Oh ya, us fans will be pumped for this year again, and I hope too see many in the stadium, many.

    My goal for this ear is playoff contention. Why not, the Dolphins went 4-12 two seasons ago, and finished this year 9-7. Now, I wont be too disapointed if it doesnt happen this year, but, as I said earlier, the future of our Houston Texans looks pretty bright.

    Go Texans!:redtowel:
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    I like your enthusiasm. However, I would hardly refer to Dom Davis as a "power" back. If anything Wells is the powerback on the team. As of right now I do not think Kubiack knows what he wants to do yet. He needs to spend some time getting a feel for Carr. If he likes what he sees, he goes Bush or trades down for Dbrick. I do not see us going for Mario unless Dbrick is gone. If Kubiack would prefer Young, he will draft him.
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    If they can find someone to do the dirty work ..... BLOCK .... If you cant do that you WONT WIN

    The Defense will be better .... When Fangio was DC in Indy they looked horrid every year ..... Once Fangio left they got much better ..... They still need an impact player in the front seven ..... MLB would be a nice place to find that player.
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    I agree we have lots of potential, just need a couple players in key positions and watch out then

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