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  1. The Texans just called me up asked me to submit my Free Agent analysis to them because it all starts in a few hours ( I say that because Posey struck a deal at midnight :loser ). So I am now happy to share with everyone else what I feel the Texans should do and who would be good fit for the team.

    • Top 3 Priorities[/B]]
    • Kendrell Bell - LB Sign him this year especially since Sharper is up next year
    • Jeb PUTZIER - TE, can play both to run and pass.
    • Kendrick Clancy - DL played 3-4 needs little learning curve.


    Resign Banks - It's a drought in FA for backup QB's
    Vinny Testeverde - The best veteran available
    Jim Miller - Familiar with Capers

    1. Chester Taylor - 3 yr vet, 5-11, 213lb avg 4.3 yards in carrer, 47y longest
    2. Derrick Blaylock - 4 yr vet, avg 4.6 carrer with Chiefs
    3. Ron Dayne - 5 yr Vet, Slight upgrade over Wells, would make an excellent backup in the Capers mold.

    David Terrell - 6-3 212, Bears had terrible QB's while he was there.
    Travis Taylor - May be better than Bradford, but the price is going to be higher
    The Draft will probably have better recievers than most of the FA available.

    Jeb PUTZIER - UFA 6'4' 256, since we run the Broncos blocking scheme, hes a great pickup. Costs only a 6th rounder

    Rick DeMulling 6-4 304, Maybe a chance for us to steal him from Colts with their Cap problems
    Oliver ROSS 6'5' 322, is a very good run blocker and would be our best backup.

    Kendrick Clancy - Since Pat Williams will cost too much, Clancy is a 3-4 player already and can step in.
    Chris Hovan - Still has some gas left in him and may be at a cheap price.

    Texans already signed our N-Back, Faggins. So no we need CB with special teams ability
    Allen Rossum - Fast DB that can return KO's.
    Dante Welsey - 6'0 210, 3 yr vet, can play special teams and return Ko's.

    Ainsley Battles - 5'11' 204, seasoned veteran played in the 3-4 and can mentor Earl.

    Idrees Bashir - 6'2 198. May be another casualty of the Colts

    Kendrell Bell - 6-1 257, IMMEDIATE upgrade over Foreman. Has many sacks as a ILB.
    Edgerton HARTWELL - 6'1 250, IMMEDIATE upgrade at ILB to take over Foremans spot.
    Akin AYODELE - 6'2 251, RFA but will only cost a 3rd rounder. He can get more money than what the Jags offer.
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    Why is Kendrick Clancy a top priority? He was out of the league for the 1st half of the 'o4 season. If the Texans had any interest then, they could have signed Clancy for the minimum.

    The Texans just re-signed Ioane to be the backup NT. Now they need to find a starter, be it in free agency or the draft. I can't see Clancy being that guy.
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    i want demulling more than anyone this year
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    As unlikely as the odds may seem in getting him, I think that Mike Williams would be an excellent instant fit into the offensive scheme. He could have the same immediate impact of Detroit's Roy Williams.

    Carr can deliver the ball in a hurry and often isn't right on the money. Long arms and soft hands are essential...

    I don't think a FA WR can have the same impact...

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    They should really consider getting WR Houshmanzadeh. He's a Free Agent after his rookie year in Cincinatti and I really feel he will be this years unspoken star this year(pending on who he signs with), as was Brain Westbrook this year. If anyone has kept up with any of his stats, he had 134 receiving yards vs New England and that says a lot.
  6. Because we will have about a nickel to spend in free agency. Other than 32 year old Pat Williams, I really don't see a mover or a shaker on the Free Agent list. Since we already shelled out a ton of money on Walker and Smith, I don't think we should do the same for the NT. I feel that a guy like Bell or Hartwell is more important than Pat Williams so I would put them first. They will more than likely command a good chunk of our free agent money so our dollars after getting a top notch player like Bell or Demulling if you will be pretty slim. A guy like Clancy would fill nicely into our system being that he is already coming from a system that uses a 3-4. He will come cheap in addition. So If I count on Payne coming back we would have Clancy and Ioane to battle for the starting spot until Payne can come back. Remeber we only have a limited amout for free agency so can't get all the top tier guys.

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