MY A++ Offseason..

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by HeartofHouston, Dec 27, 2005.

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    We Hire Kubiak.. and Mike Singletary..

    Switch to a 4 - 3 Defense..

    Trade down from the first to the 2nd (SF).. Pick up and extra 2nd and 3rd this year..

    trade from the 2nd to the 3rd (Jets).. pick up an extra 2nd and 3rd this year..

    trade DD for a 3rd round pick..

    1 - OLB A.J. Hawk (Height: 6-1 | Weight: 240 | 40-Time: 4.52)

    Incredibly instinctive with top football intelligence...Always around the ball...Makes plays sideline-to-sideline and has good range...Has good speed and closes fast...Is a sure tackler...Very solid in coverage against backs and tight ends...Does a nice job of shedding blockers and working his way through traffic...Extremely productive...Team leader and captain...Works as hard as anyone...Intense, competitive and tough player whose intangibles are off the charts.

    2 - OT Marcus McNeil (Height: 6-9 | Weight: 338 | 40-Time: 4.97)

    A massive mountain of a man who is an imposing physical presence...Has a large frame with long arms, big hands and a wide base...Tremendous athlete for his size and has great feet...Moves laterally extremely well and is tough to get around...Does a good job getting to the second level of defenders...Good playing strength...Smart player with top intangibles who wants to get better...All-around player who is a major factor as both a run blocker and pass protector.

    2 - S Greg Blue (Height: 6-2 | Weight: 214 | 40-Time: 4.42)

    Good athlete...Has excellent size and a solid frame...Is very fast with good recovery speed and a burst...Lives for the big hit and will lay people out...Has excellent range in coverage...Hips are fluid...Has quick feet...Outstanding in run support...Versatile and could project to either free or strong safety...Is very strong and physical...An intimidator...Still improving and has some upside and potential.

    2 - CB Jason Allen (Height: 6-2 | Weight: 202 | 40-Time: 4.50)

    Has excellent size and long arms...Is a smooth athlete with fluid hips and quick feet...A playmaker in the secondary with good hands and a nose for the ball...Is equally effective against the run and in pass coverage...Versatile and has experience at multiple positions in the secondary...Smart player who is a team captain and leader on the field...Still has some upside.

    3 - OG Jason Spitz (Height: 6-4 | Weight: 308 | 40-Time: 5.17)

    Extremely strong and it translates to the field...Plays with a bit of an attitude and nasty demeanor...Excels as a run blocker...Is explosive and quick off the line...Versatile with experience at right guard, left guard and center...Durable and has seen a lot of action...Smart and a hard worker with top intangibles.

    3 - HB Cedric Humes (Height: 6-1 | Weight: 233 | 40-Time: 4.55)

    Very Strong Runner, Great Size/Speed Ratio.. Fights for extra yards shurging off arm tackles and displaying great balance when he does take a hit to move for extra yards. Split time with Imoh, Imoh went down to injuries and he really showed his true colors putting up great numbers against great talent. Very patient runner with good hands out of the back feild. Has a lot of upside.

    3 - DE Kamerion Wimbley (Height: 6-4 | Weight: 255 | 40-Time: 4.65)

    Tremendous natural athlete...Fast and very quick with a burst...Can wreak havoc rushing the passer off the edge...Does an excellent job in pursuit and can close on the ball...Changes directions well...Very productive and stood out on a talented defense...Team player with top intangibles...Is also an excellent special teams prospect...Still developing and hasn't yet reached his full potential.

    3 - WR Maurice Stovall (Height: 6-5 | Weight: 222 | 40-Time: 4.55)

    Has tremendous size and knows how to use his large frame...Has great body control and can make the acrobatic catch...Leaper who will go up and get the ball at its highest point...Strong and physical...Willing blocker who does a tremendous job in that area...Not afraid to go over the middle...A long strider who is deceptively fast...Came through with a huge senior season.

    3 - TE Tony Scheffler (Height: 6-6 | Weight: 260 | 40-Time: 4.71)

    Has excellent size and the frame to get even bigger...Tremendous receiver with good hands who will make the tough catch...Outstanding athlete with solid speed...Can get down the middle and stretch the field...Smart player who just knows how to get open...Runs good routes...Very productive...Has a lot of upside.

    Day Two

    4 - OG Matt Lentz

    5 - C David Castillo

    6 - OT E.J. Whitley

    7 - ILB Leon Williams

    QB Carr/ FA: Kitna
    (This is a difficult one here, if we keep Carr we should pick up Kitna from FA to have him mentor Carr on mechanics and decision making and if Carr doesnt perform with a better O-Line and better talent around him we put in Kitna.. he did a good job when he was in Cinny with good talent around him and no defense (when he was QB their defense wasnt very good). If we dont extend Carr' contract then we pick him up and get a solid veteran with lots of NFL experience that could come in and produce for us..)

    HB Humes/Morency
    (Humes is a monster back.. he absolutely punishes defenders when he has the ball in his hands and Morency is our small scat back that could switch in and out with Humes and be OUR "Thunder and Lighthing" combo.. I still like Morency and his ability to make defenders miss and I like Humes punishing style could be what we need and they both are reliable recivers out the backfield)

    FB Wells
    (He's versatile enough to play the FB position could be an HB type of back like Chris Cooley)

    TE Tony Scheffler/Bennie Joppru
    (If Bennie doesnt get his stuff togetherm then we have Scheffler, he's a great reciever, we just need to work on his pass blocking and we'll be good to go there and if they both are able to play then we have a dual threat at TE.. LBs and Ss will have trouble planning for both.)

    WR Johnson/Stovall/Mathis
    (This would be great we would have a Awesome mix of recivers.. Mathis the small burner that we could put anywhere on the field and have him burn CBs and Ss. Stovall the BIGGGG possesion reciever and awesome red zone threat. And Johnson the comb of both a BIG Burner... if we can get then on the field at the same time it could be a nightmare for defenses)

    OT McNeil/ FA: Jeff Backus/ Wade / Whitley
    (We pick up Backus from FA, he's a great Pass Blocker, and pretty good run blocker.. McNeil could take over on of the spots or learn from Wade or Backus. Withley is a great Pass Blocker could put him in for pass downs or something.. for fresh legs.. eventually it will be McNeil and Backus at the Tackle spots in the future)

    OG Pitts/ Spitz/ Weigert / McKinney
    (Weigert is actually a good G, and Pitts has come into his own lately.. and with spitz in the picture, they will be force to step up and eventually spitz will take one of their spots after learning for most of the season or a full season. From what i'm hearing McKinney should be a guard so we could throw him in the mix somewhere)

    C Hodgdon/ Castillo
    (Hodgdon and Castillo would battle it out for this spot.. Castillo has played some of the top competition (ACC) and Hodgdon is a decent C for us.. could be an interesting battle in the off-season)


    DE Wimbley/Peek/ Babin
    (Some people say that Peek and Babin are undersized but as I demonstrated in a post long ago they are around in the same size as the top 10 DEs in the NFL (Ranked like 6th and 7th I believe) and also its nothing for them to add on 5 or 8lbs of muscle to help them out. And Kamerion Wimbley is a Great Pass Rusher, great size and could put Peek or Babin on the bench or we could switch em out to get fresh legs in there for passing down and all that..)

    DT Johnson/Smith/Walker/Payne
    (Everybody here could go to any team and start IMO. Enough said here..)

    OLB Hawk/Greenwood/Orr
    (We all know about what Hawk can do, Greenwood moves back to his natural OLB position, they both can use speed to get all over the field and make plasy for the defense and Shantee Orr has come on great racking up sacks.. despite the fact that we have to play the run so much (Being down at the end of the game).. this could be a good 1-2-3 punch at Outside LB)

    ILB Wong/Leon Williams
    (We need to keep Wong in the middle we NEED some veteran leadership there on the D.. you see what happen when we got rid of sharper.. Leon Williams WILL be a steal in this draft..)

    CB Robinson/Allen/ Buchannon
    (Robinson has been GREAT.. the Heart of our Defense..Allen is a BIG Strong CB with pretty good speed.. Could be the other corner that we need to complement D-Rob. and Buchannon well he has completely flopped this year and maybe with a new D-Coordiantor, he could come along a little better and be the CB that we all "Believe" that he could be)

    S Blue/Earl/Brown
    (Greg Blue is a monster, he can Hit like a LB, runs like a DB and is all over the field and thats something that we need.. Earl is really coming along as of late.. he's picked off passes.. put recievers on the backs with bone shaking hits and Brown could come in provide fresh legs and provide depth..)
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    I don't like trading Domanick Davis, especially without bringing in a new RB. Even if you were saying trade Davis and bring in Bush or DeAngelo I wouldn' like trading him, but sending him off and taking a $7 million cap hit just to pick up a 3rd rounder and then have a rookie RB and a RB with one year experience as a 3rd stringer does not make any sense, and if we already have four 3rd round picks I don't see much reason to add a fifth one. I also don't like drafting AJ Hawk, especially with the #3 overall pick. Also, I think it is offically impossible for the 49ers to have the #2 pick anymore unless the Packers, Saints, and Jets all win this coming week and we beat the 49ers (I think we can and will beat the 49ers, but the other three all winning is very unlikely). I'm not sure McNeil will last until the 2nd round but there will be other good OL available there if you are wanting to wait until then to address OL (I personally want to get our OT in the 1st and an interior lineman in the 2nd round somewhere, especially if we can acquire an extra 2nd rounder by trading down). Greg Blue would be OK from what I've heard although I'd personally probably prefer Huff if he's available there. I don't know much about Allen, apparently he is big an not especially fast, and I don't know a whole lot about the rest of your draft picks so I can't really comment. I don't want to move Pitts back to OG either. If we switch to a 4-3 I think Babin can definitely be a DE, not sure if Peek can be an every down DE, and it does create a pinch at DT with four good players battling for two spots on the field. I'm not sure I like a 7th rounder as our primary backup at MLB, although we should still have Polk anyways. Overall your plan would improve our team and is far better than some other plans I've seen, although I do disagree with some of it and I will likely be posting my offseason plans in a couple weeks.
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    why would u trade DD for a 3rd round pick... thats stupid
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    Once again this is MY A++ Off-Season..
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    Well thought out.

    The only problem is you aren't replacing DD with a viable option and trading him would leave the Texans with MILLIONS of dollars in DEAD cap money. Not Good, would never happen.

    I like the idea of bring in a veteran QB to put behind David Carr. Not sure it should be.

    O-line - McKinney must go. I feel he is one of our biggest problems on the line.

    We MUST pick up a #2 WR in Free Agency this year.
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    Let Casserly & Cappers go!

    bring in Pete Carroll!

    trade down to the 7th pick with Oakland for this years 2nd & 3rd picks!

    draft- Haloti Ngata NT

    2a. Eric Winston OT
    2b. DeMeco Ryans LB

    3a. Mike Haas WR
    3b. Davin Joseph G
    3c. Cedric Griffen CB

    4. Jeff King TE
    5. Calvin Lowry SS
    6. Will Allen G
    7. Brodie Croyle QB
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    Man beerlover this is crazy fantasy. Like some of the picks, but hows does Demeco Ryans and Eric Winston fall to the second, also Davin Joseph falling to the third is somewhat interesting. Anyway would love to hear how you came up with this.
  8. beerlover

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    I don't have my notes with me otherwise I'd give you a list of players but the offensive line positions tackles, guards & Centers is above average in terms of depth of quality. We tend to value Winston higher than most sources maybe cause of need, but there are 5 or 6 rated higher so it is possible he would still be on the board with the 1st couple of picks in the 2nd rd. & if he slips that far it does not bode well for Joseph. but remember that is still a very high 3rd rd. pick. the linebacker position is also deep I believe at least 20 deep & Ryans size seems to be a concern to play OLB in the NFL. I would project him as a ILB in a 3-4, but honestly I don' know what is going to come of Wong & Greenwood I do believe that he would represent an upgrade at this position. Hass is a natural possesion #2 WR. King is a good all-around blocking and receiving TE. Griffen is an under rated corner (if he has a big Rose Bowl game he'll be gone). Lowry is excellent in run support & tackling would give us a nice young combo with CC Brown and Glenn Earl. a project guard that will be a eventual starter in Will Allen & we gotta take that late rd. QB.:rolleyes:
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    This should be called my dream offseason not my A++. Allen wont fall that far. And obcourse you are reying on somethign that might never happen. if you say this my dream then no 1 can anything about it. Bc this is what it is. Until we sign a 4-3 coach its just wishful thinking. Now if you did 1 with the 43 and then did another with our current system then that would be ok. Plus DD has a pretty much untradeable contract. A 3rd is the best we would get for him. Plus you dont have any FA signings so we cant judge anything

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