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    Many people here are yelling for trade up, trade down, or stay. Here is my version for all three.

    Trade up:

    The ONLY person I would trade up for sacraficing picks for is Calvin Johnson. And this is my pick out of all three possibilities. Let me explain.
    Imagine this world for the Texans. Dre on the right side (you have to double him right), CJ on the left side (Wait, you need to double him, right), Mathis as the slot (But you need to put your fastest CB or such on him), Owen Daniels has to be covered (thats another player needed to be covered), Green isnt a slouch, (so he needs someone to watch him, maybe more then one). Even if we use David Carr to start, we all know he can run, so someone has to make sure he dont run either. This would be a NIGHTMARE for defenses. Where are they going to get the people to cover them? Also, teams wont be able to blitz as much, because if you blitz, and it is read, that player now has less people covering him and he is gone. It reminds me of the Colts two years back with Edge, Harrison, Clark, Wayne (being Mathis, but he isnt as good as wayne, but faster) with another Harrison to open the field even more. This would be worth losing picks to have a threat like this.


    There are only a few choices here worth it in my oponion. AD would create a awesome backfield with Green, but we would have to fill the #2 pick with a WR to complete the mold. Landry would be a good pick here to which would help solidify the backfield. Anderson would be AWESOME here to pound from the other DE position. This would help us have a pass rush. Other then those three, I would hope we would trade down.

    Trade down:

    If we were going to trade down, there is only one player I want badly. Chris Houston CB. This would fill a huge need, and have you seen this kid. 4.35 at the combine and he reminds me as the CB version of Ryans. Man this kid knows where to be.

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