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    MSN writer Adam Schien has a few questions before camp (which he answers himself). Side note, there's ten new coaches this year, count how many you see.

    "7. The response to new coaches
    There are several new coaches around the NFL.

    McCarthy obviously has his hands full in Green Bay.

    Things ended badly for Mike Mularkey in Buffalo, so the change to Jauron should be welcomed.

    Herman Edwards was dying to leave New York, while the cerebral, disciplined, and focused Mangini fits the rebuilding Jets perfectly.

    Meanwhile, after Dick Vermeil pushed the Chiefs into the ground, the "Club Ed" approach might be just exactly what the doctor ordered for the aging Chiefs in Kansas City. Also, Edwards told me last week that he plans on running the ball more this season. That's a big deal when you have a horse in Larry Johnson.

    New head man Rod Marinelli and coordinators Mike Martz and Donnie Henderson will rightly amp up the intensity and volume at training camp and demand accountability from the underachieving Lions. I am fascinated to see how the former first-round picks who haven't performed, especially those who have gotten a bit rotund, respond.

    With the Martz era over in St. Louis, Scott Linehan will have a more balanced offensive attack to take advantage of budding star Stephen Jackson. With Linehan, plus Jim Haslett running the defense and a new general manager, there is finally stability and civility in the St. Louis hierarchy as the team enters camp.

    Sean Payton brings his fertile offensive mind to New Orleans to replace Jim Haslett. After years of not fulfilling expectations, this is a fresh change and a new attitude for the Saints. Plus, Payton gets to experiment with Brees and rookie Reggie Bush.

    Art Shell will run a much stricter camp in Oakland, with greater attention to detail. This is a major positive. But we wonder if new offensive coordinator Tom Walsh, off a successful era of running a bed and breakfast, will be out of his element being away from the game for so long.

    The Mike Tice era is thankfully done. All eyes will be on Brad Childress' first Vikings camp as he tries to restore credibility back to the coaching position in Minnesota."

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    This is just wrong. :dontknowa
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    No RESPECT at all! How typical of the media! Maybe that will get the players fired up. It sure fires up the Houston fans!:respect:
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    Never fails. Just have to shake your head at these losers. However, i am excited about this years team so they can say (or not say) whatever they choose. Winning will cure all.

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