MPC Computer Bowl-Boise State v. Boston College

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    MPC Computer Bowl- Boise State vs. Boston College- I watched the lines closer than usual in this one.

    Boise State-

    Daryn Colledge- OT 6'5 296- 2 false start penalties. Showed good technique staying in front of Kiwauka for much of the game. Good position and movement in his run blocking. Quality football game.

    Alex Guerrero DT 6'1 295 1 sack, 1 TBL in the 1st quarter, disruptive often going against a player considered draftable in Ross. Also, had a key pressure in the 4th quarter. Appears more quick than strong. Did leave the game in the 4th some sort of injury, but was the best defender for BSU. Late round possibility.

    Boston College

    Mathias Kiwanuka DE 6'6 260 handled fairly well,, moved around the line but was doubled some, but often Colledge handled him alone. Displayed good effort, but I did not see the extra gear that he needs against a more mobile QB. That said, he caused enough disruption and changes in blocking scheme to consider him a 1st rounder, not sure if he is top 10 type though.

    Jeremy Trueblood OLT 6'9 330- Did a good job in both the pass and run in this game. In the 4th quarter the team really tilted its run game to the left side and he handled the responsibility well. Was highlighted playing to the whistle on a couple of occasions. Not as good when asked to pull and trap though. Once picked up a fumble helping his team get a first down

    Pat Ross C 6'4 295 allowed a sack was beated when he did not move his feet well enough. Key bad snap late in the 4th quarter. Overall, showed some good technique, but did have the aforementioned breakdowns.

    Will Blackmon CB/WR/KR 6'0 202 -showed explosive speed making at least three big plays. Has good quickness and moves in the open field. WR skills solid, but normally these two way guys end up on defense since it is more demanding in terms of skills. At the key point of the game, Blackmon was in on defense. Has skills potentially of 1st rounder, but question about where to play him may drop him as far as the 3rd.
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    Nice breakdown...thanks!
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    Guys who impressed me: Blackmon Colledge and Trueblood.

    Guys who dissappointed me: Kiwi and Ross

    I was only trying to follow those guys, so I may have missed one or two more, but I am still waiting for the Penn St. Game and the Miami game.

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