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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Buffi2, Jul 21, 2006.

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    livingston, texas

    The article goes on to say that Robinson should develop into one of the league's foremost defensive backs. His lack of a stellar performance last year was due to a lack of assistance from the other defensive players and that he was one of our only competent defenders last year.

    And while I'm on this website,
    ranks Kubiak as the #1 new coach based on the likelihood of success and prior credentials.

    It is really nice to read good news about the Texans after last year. It just makes you smile. :redtowel:
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    I'm a huge D-Rob fan ! He's got the mentality of a LB but in a DBs body. And a very smallish DB at that. I got to meet him at one of the Texans practice
    sessions last year, and I actually came away relieved after seeing that he's
    got some pretty dang good guns on him.
    Ya see him on TV, his limbs appear to be so unimpressive, but he's a wiry, tough little dude. Still I keep hoping that these diet gurus the Texans now have on staff will put some weight on him, but I got doubts about it ever happening ?
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    Umm, you for some reason do not refer to the fact that the story cleary refers to a "decrease in his own play." Robinson did indeed experience a sophomore slump and it is incorrect to blame his decline on his teammates alone. In fact, each and every player on the team can attempt to point to somebody else and claim the other guy or guys were the reason why they as individuals did not succeed. And when the finger pointing comes out, you know you are in real trouble. Fact is, Robinson just wasn't up to snuff and, eliminating all the finger pointing which every single player can use as an excuse, he was just not up to snuff. It wasn't Capers's fault, nor Pendry's, nor Palmer's, nor Carr's or anybody else's. It was his fault.

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