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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by run-david-run, Dec 10, 2005.

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    Seeing as we Texans fans have nothing to look foward to other then the draft and offseason, I figured I would start talking about mock drafts. Dont really have time to make a whole one, so here are my projected 1st rnd picks 1-10:

    1. New York Jets (2-14): Reggie Bush RB. Martin seems to have lost a step or two and other then Coles they have no weapons. This is assuming that Pennington and their O-linemen are able to return from injury. (Look for o-lineman in second round)

    2. San Fransico (3-13): AJ Hawk OLB. Need to wait for Alex Smith to develop, definetaly need help at WR, but no player worthy of #2 overall, possible trade down or trade up for Reggie Bush. (Look for WR in second round)

    3. Green Bay (3-13): D'Angelo Willimas RB. No running game this year and the last two seasons Ahman Green has not produced. Williams is the most NFL ready pure runner. (look for o-line help in second round)

    4. Houston (4-12): D'Brickshaw Ferguson LT. Rated as the best o-line prospect, something Houston sorely needs. (look for TE, CB or d-lineman in second round)

    5. New Orleans (4-12): Matt Leinart QB. Brooks has not panned out and there has been plenty of talk about the him and the Saints parting ways. (Look for LB in second round)

    6. Tennessee (5-11): Mike Hass WR. One of the highest rated WR's in draft, Ttitans desperately need more wepons for McNair. (Look for o-line help in second round)

    7. Cleveland (5-11): Mathias Kiwanuka DE. Desperatley need d-line help. (look for o-line help in second round)

    8. Oakland (5-11): Drew Olson QB. Collins has failed miserably with the talent around him, Olson is one of the to prated Qb's in the draft.

    9. Detroit (5-11): DeMeco Ryans LB. 3 years od commiting to offense, time to look at the D. Harrington gets one more shot with a new coach.

    10. Baltimore (5-11): David Joseph OG. O-line has gone south last year and is old. Jamal Lewis gets another shot once he is healthy. (look for LB help)

    Well thats all I have so far. I might have gotten the draft positions wrong based on strenght of scheduel, but Reggie Bush is the only player really worth moving up for. Feel free to add on or make suggestions...
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    The Packers will not draft a RB in the first round, I think they will go after Kiwanuka or Mario Williams. Speaking of Kiwanuka, he doesn't really fit well in a 3-4 defense and thats what the Browns run, so I think that they will go after an LB. While Mike Hass is good, Santonio Holmes is the best WR in the draft this year. Chad Greenway is a better LB than DeMeco Ryans. I'm also sure the ravens have more problems than guard.
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    Matt Leinart will not fall that far. Someone will trade up to get him. The only running back that the Packers will take is Reggie Bush. If he is off the board they will take a lineman or a defensive player. Davin Joseph will not go over Max Jean Gilles.

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