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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Silver Oak, Oct 17, 2008.

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    I only post this as this guy has the Texans getting who I have coveted since last offseason, but the price he has them paying would have the locals up in arms. I do however, like who he has us picking up in the 8 spot. :d:

    Also, take note of the idiots who he has slotted with the 32nd pick.
  2. PapaL

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    I've never seen so many resignations in my life. Not a single re-signs with their old team.

    Must be a Tack...
  3. threetoedpete

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    Well he still has Dyke, er excuse me, Duke Robinson as a high pick....Texas DTs are not highly touted and they crushed OU's rushing attack....I might be reading too much into one game.....but as they say the proof is in the pudding.

    Don't look now but your boy is yet again polishing the pine with his arse with yet another nagging injury. Swear to God just flipped over from the A& M game to see what he was doing. He's doing the nagging injury. I'll be surprised if Rick Smith buys that....won't you ? Kubes won't tolerate that from a Rook no matter what his upside is.

    What I'm thinking now is Orakpo is so close to Lawrence Taylor in terms of potential of what he could do as an outside backer in the 3-4....there is no way Parcells will be able to pass on that....Tebow on the board or not. I don't think the Texans will have a shot @ Orakpo.
  4. Goatcheese

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    Michael Johnson is not a top ten pick. His stock is dropping like a rock.

    Too often he looks lost and doesn't know what to do. You have to seriously question his motor. I lost count of the times he stopped and just stood around watching before the play was over. He's almost never around the ball.

    He is at best the 3rd ranked 4-3 DE, and the 4th best overall passrusher.

    Hardy, Orakpo, and Selvie are all ahead of him.

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