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    Not counting the Expansion draft, the Texans entered each draft from 2002-2009 with 8 picks.

    Be honest and let us know who you wanted in the draft that year and how it is turning out. Grade yourself.

    2002:wanted: Julius Peppers. I really wanted to start off with a stud DE rather than a QB. I believed then that a strong D could cover up for a weaker O and so my pick my Peppers. Grade: A

    2003: wanted: AJ. I also liked Suggs but i thought AJ was the better overall player. Although I think almost everyone wanted AJ in this pick. Grade: A+

    2004: wanted:Vince Wilfork. The key to a 3-4 is the NT and we did not have one at the time. I thought he could be a force at NT and guess what, he was! Grade: A

    2005: wanted: Derrick Johnson. I thought he would be the perfect fit for our D. We needed athletic LBs and I thought he was the right one. In retrospect, he has not graded out as highly as I thought, though he would have been better than TJ. DJ is an average LB, so I deserve an Average grade. Grade: C+

    2006: wanted: Mario or Brick. Back to basics. I wanted Peppers in 02. Now I wanted the Peppers version 2.0 in Mario. If not Mario, I wanted Brick. We needed a good OT and I thought he was it. Mario has been a great player and a pro bowler. Still, too early to tell. Grade: B+/A- for now. Brick on the other hand is in the B- range.

    2007: wanted: Amobi, Patrick Willis, or Revis. I was torn between the three. I liked the possibility that Amobi may bring next to Mario. I liked what Meco did and saw Willis as a second Meco. I liked Revis as a potential shut down corner. In the end, my pick was Amobi. too early to grade but so far: Grade: C- for now

    2008: wanted: Clady or DRC. Wanted Clady but knew he would be long gone. Wanted DRC but he was taken one spot ahead of us. Third choice was Sam Baker. Both Baker and Brown have been pretty similar. Too early to grade, but so far: B for now

    2009: wanted:Orakpo, Matthews, or Cushing. Quite frankly we would have been fine with any of the three. I figured Orakpo would have been gone, so my pick was Matthews. Way to early to grade but this season I give Matthews an A-. Cushing would have gotten an A+.

    Ok, so go ahead and put yourself out there like me. Tell us about your successes and failures in the first round!
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    Moraira, Spain
    Wow. This is rough.

    2002: I didn't really care. I was just happy to have football back in Houston. Grade: F-

    2003: I honestly wasn't following the draft that closely. I just hoped they were going to get someone good. They did. Grade: F-

    2004: I wanted Jonathon Vilma, iirc. I think he's turned out pretty good. Grade: B+

    2005: I wanted Jammal Brown. After two pro bowls, I guess he turned out okay. But... was he injured last year? Grade: A

    2006: D'Brickashaw, but I was fine with Mario. D'Brickashaw has had is issues. Grade: C

    2007: Patrick Willis, but that would have meant making Demeco change positions, so it probably wouldn't have worked out as well as I would have liked. But Willis is a monster. Grade: B

    2008: I was hoping one of the OLinemen (Clady, Williams, or the guard, Albert) were going to fall to us. Barring that, I was hoping for Rashard Mendenhall or Felix Jones. Most of those guys I've mentioned have spent considerable time on IR. Grade: F

    2009: I expected Cushing. I would have been fine with several other players, but I thought Cushing was going to be a good fit. Grade: A
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    Austin, TX
    2002 - I'm with Pencil on this one and wasn't overly opinionated.
    2003 - wanted AJ and many folks wanted Charles Rogers.
    2004 - was a Will Smith and Vilma fan
    2005 - Jamaal Brown and Thomas Davis fan
    2006 - wanted Mario
    2007 - wanted Marshawn Lynch
    2008 - for some reason that draft left me kind of eeh.
    2009 - wanted Cushing

    Don't know exactly how to grade that.
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  4. Wolf6151

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    Pearland, Texas
    2002-2005, I wasn't following the draft closely I just wanted good players. N/A.
    2006, I wanted D'Brickeshaw but I'm happy with Mario.
    2007, I was just starting to follow the draft and wanted Patrick Willis.
    2008, I wanted Ryan Clady or Jonathan Stewart.
    2009, I wanted Brian Cushing and am glad we got him.
  5. bah007

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    Spring, TX
    2002 - I'm with the rest of you guys on this one. I didn't really care. I did prefer Carr or Peppers though.
    2003 - Wanted Andre. Also liked Terence Newman but didn't really think there was any chance we would take him.
    2004 - Really wanted Steven Jackson or D.J. Williams but I was fine with the Dunta pick.
    2005 - Hated the TJ pick. I was very upset when we didn't get Brown at #13 and let NO trade up for him. Then I got doubly pissed off when we missed Derrick Johnson. My third option was Alex Barron but we passed on him as well.
    2006 - Initially wanted Vince Young but when it became clear we were keeping Carr I was hoping for Mario. Glad we did that.
    2007 - I absolutely hated the Okoye pick and I have been very vocal about that. We got suckered there. I would have been happy with Michael Griffin, Patrick Willis, Leon Hall, or Darrelle Revis, in that order. I liked Revis a lot but thought that Hall would be the superior player.
    2008 - Wanted Antione Cason or Chris Johnson badly. I was excited when we traded back because I figured we were targeting one of those guys. I really thought CJ would fall to us but he didn't. I thought the Brown pick was a really really solid pick, I just had a mancrush on Cason.
    2009 - Loved the Cushing pick. I felt like we had to come out of the draft with either him or Malcolm Jenkins. Jenkins went right before us so we took Cushing. Thought it was perfect.
  6. beerlover

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    identical up to 2009, very nice! 1st choice was trade down for FS Louis Delmas 2nd choice was Michael Oher @ #15.
  7. BigBull17

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    2002-Wanted Peppers or...Joey my grade would be A/H-.

    2003-Was all AJ. Liked Suggs alot as well. I would have been ok either way. A

    2004-Didn't really know Dunta. Liked Vilma alot. REALLY didn't know Babin. So B+

    2005-Liked Jamal Brown and Derrik Johnson. Threw my shoe at the TV when They said Travis Johnson. Brown was good. Dj, not so much. B+/C- BTW, liked Aaron Rodgers, but knew no 1st round QB.

    2006-Wanted Mario for a long time. Was almost all Mario. A

    2007-My man love for Wilis knows no bounds and has been stated through out this board plenty. He was my sunshine. A+

    2008- Wanted Clady or J-Stew. Freakin LOVED Ray Rice. SOlid all around.

    2009-I hated the Cushing pick alot. Was sick to my stomach. Wanted to fire everyone. Liked Malcom Jenkins, Percey Harvin, and Aaron Curry(though we had no shot at him) I fail my friends. Z-
  8. Kaiser Toro

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    Straight Outta Austin
    2002 - Peppers, clear cut. Moreover, I wanted Peppers and Portis (he was available) - and I do have someone who can vouch. :-)

    2003 - AJ

    2004 - Hall or Robinson

    2005 - Derrick Johnson, Marcus Spears, Jamaal Brown

    2006 - Mario or trade back, also wanted Winston in the 2nd (3rd)- I ain't complaining.

    2007 - Trade up for Peterson, Revis, Nelson, Hall, Oy vey Okoye

    2008 - Leodis McKelvin, Chris Williams, Aqib Talib, Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie

    2009 - Orakpo, Jenkins, Cushing, Mack, Unger, Maualuga, Pettigrew
  9. Lucky

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    2002 - I wanted Carr over Harrington. Thought going for a QB to start a franchise was the way to go.

    2003 - Wanted Terrell Suggs, but was OK with AJ. Did not want to touch Rogers with a 10 ft pole.

    2004 - Wanted Wilfork. Couldn't believe Tommy Harris was still on the board at #10, but realized it was a bad fit for the 3-4. Had never seen Dunta play prior to the Texans taking him.

    2005 - Wanted Jamaal Brown or Alex Barron. Couldn't believe Derrick Johnson was on the board and the Texans passed. Was OK with Travis.

    2006 - Wanted Reggie Bush (not going to lie). Was OK with Mario, and thought he and D'Brickashaw would be the best players from the draft in 5 years. Did not want Vince Young.

    2007 - Dreamed of Peterson and was disappointed that Levi Brown was not available. Was very satisfied with Amobi Okoye at #10.

    2008 - Had hoped Chris Williams or Jonathan Stewart would fall. At 18, wanted Talib, but was OK with trade down. Was happy about taking a LT in the 1st, but knew little about Brown prior to the draft.

    2009 - Wanted a pass rusher like Orakpo or Maybin. Knew the choice would come down to Cushing or Matthews, and preferred Cushing.

    Grade? Horrible. Horrible minus. Fortunately, I'm not employed by the Texans. I give them $$$, and that means I'm on the correct side of the equation. But, that won't stop me from putting my $0.02 in this time around.
  10. badboy

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    I really hate to look back at my mistakes because I am so interested in my future mistakes. Can't say any of my guys got selected by Texans. I do look fondly back on some LB named Ryans and saying out loud "Demeco who?" Another fond moment that I have eaten crow was a guy named Walter & can proudly say I am as bad on pick ups as well as draft. I just did not see how this guy would make the roster & now he is again making decision whether he will play for Texans.

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