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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Baranghoori, Nov 19, 2006.

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    Feb 5, 2006
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    Some people on this message board are blowing our teams problems way out of proportion.

    We won the battle of field position; our defense outplayed their defense, and our offense was uncharacteristically above average today. We lost this game. It doesn't add up.

    But wait! It does add up! Carr was not the reason we lost this game, i'm sorry all you Carr haters out there. Jameel Cook lost us this game. The prevent defense late in the fourth quarter lost this game. The fact that Wynn couldn't make a decent return in the second half cost us the game. Some clutch catches dropped by Andre Johnson cost us this game.

    We are so close to actually being a good team. We have to wait it out; and this time, that actually means something!
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    May 7, 2004
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    One person does not lose the game. It takes a team effort to lose a game. Cook only added a piece to the puzzle. Your right about everyone you listed.. they all had pieces of that puzzle
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    The inability to close out a game is not a minor problem. When this team reaches a tipping point, it almost always falls to the "lose" side.
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    We are a good short yardage punt placement team, but we can not boot the ball to get out of trouble. When we released Buchannon we lost our deep threat return man. Any weakness often is taken advantage of in the NFL by your opponents. Well, guess what, that's what happened today.

    Faggins was beat twice in a row and I don't believe it was an accident. I think they spotted something on the films and knew they could take advantage of it. Just as we look for things so do our opponents. We didn't have a clean game and we lost. Pitts has a big penalty or two, Carr throws an int, Cook fumbles the ball again deep in enemy territory and Kubiak doesn't know how to play the end game. That all adds up to a loss in a close game.

    I think you will find that when the game was on the line Shan was making the big decisions, not Kubiak. I still say Kubiak's play calling is so much like Capers. Most of you don't like to hear that, but its the truth. People are picking up on the fact that Kubiak isn't even watching the plays unfold, he has his eyes glues to something else like the note taking Capers.

    Kubiak does know the game as far as teaching it is concerned. There is no question he has helped Carr a lot. He's having to undo 4 years of bad training and he is doing a good job of it. He is, however, not a great game manager. One of the best coaches FSU(Fresno State) every had was Jim Sweeny, but when the game was on the line at the end of the game he was the pitts. He was a great teacher, great invovator, great motivator, you name it and he was outstanding, but he was not great at the end game.

    Some people just have a natural instinct under fire and Kubiak is not one of those types. The same was true of Capers. Capers mind just blew apart when the going got tough. Who suggested the play that won the last game? Answer that question and you will know who should be calling the plays and managing the game. It will never happen and its too bad.

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