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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by blockhead83, Nov 8, 2004.

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    Just something to pass the time.

    Carr - A. He's stepped up his game this year. I think he's becoming a guy that will go out and win alot of games for us with his feet, his arm, and his head; he's starting to look like a complete QB.

    AJ - A+. I'd heard that some receivers take a big step from year 1 to year 2, but he took an Andre big step. He's making big plays for us and it shows, he might be getting more national attention than any other Texans player in franchise history.

    Wand - B+. I'm gonna go B+ here, the fact that I haven't heard anything about him makes me think he's done a pretty good job.

    Babin - B+. He's not exactly lighting the world on fire, but he's having a nice rookie campaign. He's been a solid starter, creating pressure, and helping to stop the run.

    Gaffney - A. I never would have thought that he'd be playing this well. He's quick, and he seems to know how to find an opening in coverages. Looks like he can be a #2 after all.

    Armstrong - A. Couldn't ask for more out of this guy. He's relatively unknown and he comes out and makes spectacular grabs week in and week out.

    B. Miller - B-. It's not his fault, but where is he? I'm not sure if Carr just see's bigger and better things now, or if Miller just isn't finding ways to get his hands on the ball.

    Sharper - A+. He's the Ray Lewis of our defense. He's been punishing people and creating big plays.

    Coleman - A-. This is his first year playing FS? He continues to come up big, and has been a nice safety valve for us.

    D. Davis - C+. Sorry to say it, but he's just not getting it done. Regardless of who we're playing, or what the o-line is doing, I don't see the same DD I saw last year.

    O-line - B+. Giving good pass protection...could be a better with run blocking.

    D. Robinson - A. Everything I thought he would be and more. Sure he's been burned, but I dare say he might have been burned less than the guy on the opposite side of the field.

    Glenn - B. He still makes great plays, but for a pro bowler he's having himself an average season.

    Faggins - B+. Seen him have alot of penalties, but make some nice plays as well.

    Payne - A. As of the last 2 weeks? A. He's getting back to his old tricks.

    Walker - B. Not playing at 2002 form, but getting better.

    R. Smith - A. He's making his huge presence felt on our line.

    Wong - A. Making INT's, sacks, stops, he's doing great.

    Foreman - B+. He's consistently solid from year to year.

    E. Brown - C. He won't be starting at SS for us next season....I hope.

    G. Earl - B+. Playing well for a rookie. Seems to be a force against the run, and atleast he hasn't been an eye sore vs. the pass.

    Hollings - B. Nothing extraordinary, but an improvement none the less.
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    Carr - A-. He is doing much better to me then last year and has improved. Does still make a few poor reads/decisions.

    AJ - A-. Awesome Player! Very physical. Good Reactions. He will be Pro Bowl Next Year for sure, but not this year. As awesome as he is on plays, he also drops a few when he is wide open. If he fixes the easy drops, his name will be placed on the elite with the WR Crem.

    Wand - B. Done a good job this year, he has let a few through, but he is learning and will even be better game to game.

    Babin - B+. As a rookie, he is always moving, and always in plays or close to them. Awesome Rook year. He will only get better.

    Gaffney - A. Last year, I was hoping he would fall of the face of the earth. This year, he has impressed me. He deserves to be #2 if he keeps learning and working like he has this year.

    Armstrong - A-. This guy has very good hands. Only gotten better this year.

    B. Miller - C. Normally a impact player to me. This year... Is he even playing? We are passing up a major resource here for catches.

    Sharper - A+. He has been very impressive this year. Playmaker!

    Coleman - A-. As a CB, he was very good.. as a FS, he is also very good. Not great, but very good.

    D. Davis - D+. He talked a bit of smack this year about 2k yards by the end of the year. He will be lucky to make 1k. He has the speed and actions of a top running back, just doesnt have the durability to be one.

    J. Wells - B. He has done better at hitting the holes this year... I would like to see him in a entire game.

    O-line - B-. Done a decent job with protection. Not a good job, only decent. I have been noticing about 80% of the time, someone within a step or two of Carr. He needs just a touch more time.

    D. Robinson - A. Ok.. he has been burned. But this guy is going to be a awesome player. This Rook has it.. now he just needs to groom it/experience.

    Glenn - B+. He still makes great plays ... but he has lost a step. Dont get me wrong.. he is still very good, just not a pro bowler anymore.

    Faggins - C+. Not happy with Faggins. He misses too many plays. Gets burned very badly. His upside is that he can catch the ball for interceptions. Thats awesome, but have to cover first.

    Payne - B. He is good, but he is getting older. Not as fast and not a playmaker he once was. Still good though.

    Walker - B. He is good, but he is getting older. Not as fast and not a playmaker he once was. Still good though. (yes... i meant this as a repeat)

    R. Smith - A. He is making plays for our team and great effort.

    Wong - A. Out of everyone on our team, Wong is having a good year. Being a playmaker.

    Foreman - A-. Doing a good job (not great). He has made a huge bunch of plays. He just isnt talked about that much.

    E. Brown - F. If anyone knows where we sent the other guy last year (you know who I am talking about), please send this guy there too. He is burned WAY to much.

    G. Earl - B. Doing a decent job for a rook. Only going to get better.

    Hollings - C. Our Quentin Griffen of the year. Showed promise early but hasnt panned out.
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    just my opinion but i think those grades are a little high. especially glenn and walker who i dont think are having good years at all.
  4. beerlover

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    I'd give you mad credit for effort but I agree with markbeth. Drop each grade lower by one round and I'd say its fairly accurate :hehe:
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    I think everybody on the Defense's grade will get better as Seth Payne gets better. We are already seeing flashes of the Seth that we are used to seeing. When he gets back to blowing up pockets we will see more sacks from our line and LB's and our corners wont have to cover as long which could turn into more interceptions. BRING THE PAYNE!!
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    Using the scale of A=Excellent; B=Good; C=Average; D=Fair; F=Poor.

    Carr - A, has shown a lot of maturity this year.

    AJ - A, no explanation needed

    Gaffney - B+, couple more games like last week could bump up to A

    Armstrong - B, Great some games, disappears others

    B. Miller - C; not envolved enough

    Sharper - A; can you say hello Hawaii

    Coleman - B; Made some great plays, but still late sometimes over the top.

    D. Davis - D; one of the biggest disappointments this year.

    O-line - C; We still have an average NFL line. (too inconsistant)

    Babin - B; got a higher grade because of him being a rook. Needs to keep showing improvement.

    D. Robinson - A; same as Babin, bumped up for rookie status. Signs of greatness are there.

    Glenn - C; Father Time has found Aaron

    Faggins -C; a Nickel Corner Lifer

    Payne - B; slowly getting back to form.

    Walker - C; solid pro (no big mistakes, nor many big plays)

    R. Smith - B; needs more Sacks

    Wong - A; best season yet.

    Foreman - C; see Walker

    E. Brown - F; he got replaced by a rookie didn't he.

    G. Earl - No grade, need to see more to rate.

    Hollings - D; we need a RB to step up.

    PS. Remember C is not bad, just means an Average NFL player.

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