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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Meloy, Oct 31, 2006.

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    Keeping the guys focused for the entire game seems to be an issue, especially 3rd quarter. Is this a coach's responsibility or players? or both? Is the cause all mental or does fatigue & injury play a large role? Was Carr effected by the Vince hoopla? If yes, does this plus his being benched indicate a much better game Sunday? We seem to do better against stronger teams.
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    Both, what we do for our team, which seems to work, is condition, and then do something that takes a lot of mental focus. That way you can work on your mental focus while you are fatigued. It is easy to be focused when you are in a practice bubble nad you are loose and you have barely broken sweat...but when you just ran a bunch of sprints, pushups, squat jumps etc. and then you are asked where you throw the ball when the #1 receiver is caught up in a jam and the slot guy is running a post which is being carried by a linebacker, it is a challenge.

    That is where it is the coaches fault ^^ get them ready.

    It is the players fault for not practicing like it is a game. Games are won monday through saturday. Sunday just displays what kind of money was put in the bank monday through saturday. Players should practice every rep as if it was a game situation and when watching film put themselves in the film etc.

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