Meier fined $20,000 for block that ended Cullen Loeffler’s season

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by srrono, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Kerry Meier fined $20,000 for hit that ended Cullen Loeffler’s season
    Posted by Michael David Smith on December 3, 2011, 6:18 AM EST

    Vikings long snapper Cullen Loeffler suffered a season-ending back injury when Falcons receiver Kerry Meier blindsided him with a block on Sunday. Now Meier is paying for the hit, too.

    The NFL fined Meier $20,000, reasoning that Meier’s hit was an “illegal blindside block to an opponent’s head area,” Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports.

    On the play in question (video here) Loeffler was running down the field to cover a punt when Meier drilled him. Loeffler never saw it coming.

    Am I missing something it looked like a clean block to me?
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    It's difficult to see from that angle whether there was contact with the helmet. Other than than, it looked clean. The block wasn't to the back, so the coverage guy has to have some responsibility to see the blockers coming at him. Basically, it comes down to hurt a guy, you get fined.

    Unless you hurt a Texan QB. That's OK.
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    Goodell is ruining the game.

    If you make a legal block it's a penalty if somebody gets hurt. Dont give me that helemet to helmet rule. If you cant tell after a replay then Mierer shouldn't have been fined.

    Goodell is taking away the thing that made this sport great. The 70's Steelers would have all been suspended under the Goodell rules. Not to mention the Oilers/Cowboys/Rams and any other team that was worth a crap back then.

    The NFL has a panty waist for a commishioner. Thanks for nothing Rodger, go back to whatever ambulance chasing lawyer thing that you were doing before you got the power to ruin the game that I used to love.

    Fine Goodell $20,00 for being a panty waist with a Napolean complex.
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    That's a bad call.

    When the league does stuff like that ..... makes you want to hire a friggin lawyer.
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    Well somebody's ruining it at any rate. Just look at the QB today. If you were to paint his body in the areas he can no be hit, you would have to paint his helmet, both legs from the knees down, and you can't drag him down from behind using the jersey or pads due to the horse-collar rule, so you would have to also paint half the jersey on his back. That doesn't leave a whole lot of area to hit, and you better not do it with your head lowered. Jeez!
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    The rule states that horse collar violations are not called against a QB in the pocket. Once he's out of the pocket you cannot horse collar him.

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