Mark Harrison, WR, Rutgers

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    Draft Zone Prospect: Mark Harrison, WR, Rutgers Ht 6-3 Wt 238

    Mark Harrison reminds me of Terrell Owens, maybe it is because the young wide receiver is built like a horse, and can catch, but Harrison is hungrier than ever. The Rutgers star wide out is ready to shine and get his moment. Expect Harrison to turn heads after his pro day, because of the young man’s ability to find the ball. Harrison has been going up against Brandon “Juice” Jones all season which will definitely make you a better player. Harrison is ready to make an impact and wants you to know more about him. Check out this interview and make sure you follow the stud himself.
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    His production dropped overnight in the vacuum left after Sanu skipped out of town for the Scarlet Knights. I wouldn't mind taking a shot in the 7th but really don't expect him to ever take that next step, see LeStar Jean.

    I do love the Rutgers football program however, especially LB Khaseem Green. Not your prototypical ILB - hybrid. Great competitor, bigger version of Troy Polamalu - ballhawk. Would really help this defense. Can cover underneath like nickle CB with size & physicality to bolster run support, will live in the backfield if you send him in blitz packages.
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    I like their RB Jawan Jamison and Logan Ryan (CB). Rutgers has put quite a few legit players in the league recently.

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