Mark Clayton in South Padre Island?

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    With the NFL Draft less than a month away, former Oklahoma wide receiver Mark Clayton continues to work out and says he is feeling really well.

    Now that the NFL combine and Oklahoma Pro Day are over, Clayton took a little time to be with himself before heading off to the NFL.

    He headed down to South Padre Island in Texas for spring break, but this wasn't your typical college spring break trip.

    By Mark Clayton
    NFL Draft prospect

    Things are pretty much going the same. I'm still in Norman, Okla. But last weekend, we had spring break.

    Mark Clayton
    Position: WR
    Height: 5-11
    Weight: 187
    School: Oklahoma
    Career Highlights: Holds school records for career receptions, yards and TDs.
    Yr Rec Yds Avg Lng TD
    2001 46 524 11.5 48t 3
    2002 26 416 16.0 54 5
    2003 83 1,425 17.2 59 15
    2004 66 876 13.3 61t 8
    Totals 221 3,241 14.7 61t 31

    Mar. 16: Part IV: Sooners Pro Day
    Mar. 1: Part III: Combine report
    Feb. 22: Part II: Preparing for Indy
    Feb. 16: Part I: Clayton's routine
    I went down to South Padre Island from Tuesday to Saturday. I went alone, just to relax, take a break and think.

    I went last year, but was with a big group of guys. It's kind of hectic staying in the same room with a lot of people. This year I had the room to myself and enjoyed it so much. I just wanted to sit down and have some quiet time. I had a great time, met a lot of great people.

    I’m still in awe of everything. The road from where I came from, not being recruited in high school. Everybody came to see my teammate Shireonya Mitchell. He played cornerback for Missouri. At his Pro Day, he tore his ACL in the cone drills. I just think about that.

    I look ahead and toward the future, but at the same time I look at the past. It prepares you for the future and keeps me grounded. I don’t have bad feelings over anything. It's truly a blessing to be in this position, but when I look back I thought I wasn't even going to college.

    I'm not sad spring break is over. I'm ready to play football. Since I'm in Norman, Oklahoma is in spring drills. The guys are running around and having fun. I'm getting anxious to play.

    I have a meeting with Detroit and Pittsburgh next week. I don’t really know what goes on at those meetings, but my agent says I'll probably meet with the head coach, coordinator and certain coaches. That is exciting. To meet and shake hands with some of the great coaches in the world. That’s an honor.

    SO.. he is meeting with the Steelers and Lions (lions taking another WR???.. maybe they are checking him out in case he falls to their #2 pick?)

    But he is in South Padre... you think he may have made a stop at Reliant?

    things that make you go hmmmmmmm
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    I'm not sure if he stopped by Reliant, but I'd love to have him in a Texans uni next year...He seems like a very mature guy, and he's a great receiver...If he were 3 inches taller, he'd be a top 10 pick...
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    I dunno...he might be a top tener in spite of being < 6 feet. I get the impression ole Mo is with him right now - hey, he's good, real good. He is a
    possession type because he's so sure handed but he's also a real threat in the deep range because he can burn. He turned in some good 40s in his
    workouts including a sub 4.40. But I don't think he's a hot dog but rather a real team player who would fit in well as our #2 guy behind AJ. Besides the real good speed and excellent hands he runs very good routes and is a very effective, even dangerous runner after he makes the catch. I just hope he's
    on the Board for us at #13 (assuming we stay there) cause his stock is appreciating rapidly. I'm just sure he is gonna be picked ahead of Williamson, the Track guy from SC.
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    This could happen since i am hearing that Williamson might be off the board before the Texans pick

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