Mari-OWNED!'s 7 Round Texans Mock Draft 1.0

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    Hey let me know what you think about this... (No trades btw)

    Disclaimer - These picks are obviously whether the player could be available, I cannot guarantee that they will be, but I'm trying to make it as realistic as possible.

    1st Round
    15. Clay Matthews - OLB, USC
    -The Texans do need help/depth at the LB position, and I feel like this is a good opportunity to trade down for the Texans, and that Matthews should still be available even later in the 1st round, so I think he is our guy.

    Other possibilities - Malcolm Jenkins - CB, Ohio State (Don't think he will drop to #15 though)

    Brian Cushing - OLB, USC (If the Texans trade down there is a possibility he will not be available at their new pick. Also I feel Kubiak wants one big happy family of Broncos players, Kyle Shanahan, the Gibbs', and now the Matthews')

    2nd Round
    46. Patrick Chung - SS, Oregon
    -I'm just not sold on our strong safeties, whether it is Ferguson, Harrison, or Barber. I believe Chung could be that ballhawking, hard hitting safety the Texans have been looking for.

    Other possibilities - Max Unger - C, Oregon (Great Center who could easily replace Myers as the starter IMO)

    Victor Harris - CB, Virginia Tech (Very physical and tough corner, something the Texans need, especially with the whole "Dunta drama" debacle)

    3rd Round
    77. Rashad Jennings - RB, Liberty
    -I've been preaching for Jennings forever and a day now, and I think he is the best complement to Slaton in this draft. (Would love to trade for Peyton Hillis though!)

    Other possibility - Rashad Johnson - FS, Alabama (Same reasoning as for Chung, except at the FS position)

    4th Round
    112. Kraig Urbik - RG, Wisconsin
    -Mike Brisiel is not a starting RG in the NFL IMO, and Urbik could change that.

    Other possibility - Andre Brown - RB, North Carolina State (Only if the Texans did not get to Rashad Jennings first)

    122. Coye Francies - CB, San Jose State
    -If the Texans have not drafted a corner yet in the draft, they cannot wait any longer. Francies has a lot of upside to him, pure talent.

    Other possibility - Vance Walker - DT, Georgia Tech (Even with the signing of Shaun Cody, the Texans still need help at this position badly. More depth is always good)

    5th Round
    152. Henry Melton - DE, Texas
    -More depth at DE is necessary even with the signing of Antonio Smith. According to walterfootball, he ran a 4.64 which is indeed impressive.

    6th Round
    188. Greg Isdaner - OG, West Virginia
    - I cannot preach enough how badly we need more, and better depth on our offensive line.

    7th Round
    223. Brandon Tate - WR, North Carolina
    -His stock has fallen dramatically since he tore his ACL and MCL his Senior year. Before that he was a very dynamic return man, and was improving on his receiving skills. (Watch out Jacoby Jones!)

    If you actually read all of this, thank you. Let me know what you think.

    (And don't criticize me too much!) :texflag:
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    I could live with it :)

    Texans have addressed both the D-Line & secondary via free agency. the strength of this draft for the Texans will be @ the RB position. The Texans did not upgrade the RB position in free agency & should have a choice between three of the Top 15 draft prospects overall - Chris Wells #8 Knowshon Moreno #12 & Donald Brown #14 (

    Hey I'm not a Chris Wells fan either but he does fit the power runner title, strong downhill runner, hits his holes does not dance, good pass blocking skills. presents trade down opportunity as teams will try & trade up to get him. Moreno has potential to be another Clinton Portis type all around back with good receiving skills, great vision is a playmaker who fights for extra yardage after contact. Brown I just love his game, big bruising back in the Matt Forte workhorse mold. so why wait until the 3rd rd. when Jennings might already be gone & not the immediate difference maker as one of the top 3 backs?

    I think the Texans already have a pretty good idea who they want to draft & are keeping it quiet. we are all just fans of our team trying to figure out their intentions because well frankly we either have nothing else better to do or we just can't wait until draft day to find out :shades:
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    This giant tree, standing 10,000 ft. high but not
    I like it. Would be elated if this happened!

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