Lots of Questions & Uncertainty for the upcoming 2005 season

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by nunusguy, May 4, 2005.

  1. nunusguy

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    Jun 9, 2004
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    If you're feeling confidant about the 2005 season, well I wished I shared your
    optimism but I really don't. Here's why:
    The Defense - The LB corp, arguably the most important component of the
    3-4 D, returns only one person who will start at the same position as last
    year, and 2 will be brand new starters for the team. Greenwood has never
    played in the 3-4, and then there's Mr. Peek, also known as the penalty
    waiting to happen ! No denying Antwan's pass rushing ability, but he's
    a hothead who's now got to be steady and cool to also handle the run
    since he'll be a 3-down player.
    The Offense - Now if at the end of last season, if someone would have told
    you the sum total of upgrade in OL personnel during the entire offseason
    would be only a 5th round Draft pick, you would have told him he wascrazy
    Then there's Bennie J. The missing position in offense has been an all
    purpose TE instead of this inadaquate platoon system we've had. Now
    we're told the solution to our problem will be a 3rd year NFL player who
    has never played a down in the NFL, including exhibition games !
    I dunno... I really felt much more optimistic and secure going into the 2004 season than I do going into 2005.
  2. rhc564

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    Aug 22, 2004
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    :hmmm: ...definitely 'food for thought'!
  3. F-minus67

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    Jun 7, 2004
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    I wouldn't get upset over th LB corps, look at the Chargers last year none of those players plated in a 3-4 beside Foley and I'd say they did pretty well. As for the o line, I think that they will be a lot better, due to the fact that they have played together and know what to expect from each other.
  4. Lucky

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    May 1, 2004
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    Right, and didn't the Eagles go to the Super Bowl with 3 new starters at LB & 6 new starters on the defense? And all of the Texan LBs are vets now, that new stuff just doesn't fly. As far as Peek is concerned, he's in his 3rd season & heading into a contract year. If Peek can't get it done now, he never will.

    The O-line? Well going into last season, I thought the line would be a strength of the team. With vets on one side & talented 1st day draft choices on the other, a new blocking scheme, a new line coach...everything was looking up. I lost that enthusiasm over the course of the season. But Casserly & Capers must remain convinced they have the right stuff and that they need to use it in the right way. Needless to say, those guys have a lot riding on the decision to stand pat there.

    I saw Joppru practice in early '03 and I believe he can be a difference maker for this team. If healthy. And Casserly says he is. I don't know if Bennie is the same player the Texans drafted. But he'd have to really slip to not at least compete with Miller & Bruener. And speaking of Miller, he can play much better than he did in '04 if he just loses some of that extra bulk he picked up for blocking. If Miller is going to help this team, it's as a 3rd down receiver.
  5. Vinny

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    Apr 27, 2004
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    I agree for the most part. New starters being an excuse for failure only applies to expansion teams with no previous foundation and no incumbents. Once you have a system and a core group of players teams often make multiple position moves in one off-season and do well. We have been our system for 3 years now.

    Teams turn over their roster at around 20% or so of their players each year. This should be Peek's year to prove if he is a real starting NFL 3-4 ROLB. This will be his 3rd camp.
  6. El Tejano

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    Apr 30, 2004
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    Well his first year, Peek was a monster on ST, his second year he wreaked havoc as a 3rd down ROLB, I think he can get it done this year, so long as he don't get his playbook stolen.

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