Look At What We Missed Out In Our Drafts!!!!

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by baba ganoush, Dec 22, 2006.

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    In 2002, were pretty much sold on Carr with the number 1 pick with high hopes of him becoming our franchise quaterback..if you look, this is what we could have had since the 2002 draft until now...
    1 - David Carr - we all have our own opinions on him
    2 - LeCharles Bentley - an All-Pro center(instd of Gaffney, not with the team)
    2 - Clinton Portis - everyone knows who he is...(instd of Pitts)
    3 - Will Witherspoon - great OLB, Pro-Bowler(instd of Weary)
    3 - Brian Westbrook - one of the best players for Philly(instd of Charles Hill)
    4 - Alex Brown - a dominant DE for Chicago(instd of Jonathan Wells)
    5 - Rocky Bernard - a good, solid DT for Seattle(instd of Jarrod Baxter)
    5 - Jermaine Phillips - not great, but solid saftey for Buccs(instd of R. Walker)
    6 - Demarcus Faggins - still with the team...he's a solid spot starter
    6 - Jeb Putzier - now with the Texans, solid back-up(instd of Howard Green)
    7 - Carlos Hall - fast DE, has had his ups and downs(instd of Greg White)
    7 - Im guessing the same guywe drafted, still didn't do any help
    1 - Andre Johnson - still have him, and glad to have him!
    2 - Osi Umenyiora - one of the best DEs in the game today(instd of Joppru)
    3 - Lance Briggs - good OLB we're hoping for him as FA(instd of Peek)
    3 - Ricky Manning Jr. - good corner, has some issues(instd of Seth Wand)
    3 - Dave Ragone - i thought he could have been a decent QB
    4 - DD or Asante Samuel - Samuel good corner, DD good but not healthy
    6 - Drew Henson - he was good trade bait
    6 - Josh Brown - a better kicker than the one we have(instd of Kieth Wright)
    7 - Todd Williams - tackle, that couldnt have done much(instd of Curry Burns)
    7 - Chance Pearce - i liked the pick he was a center(Not in the NFL)
    1 - Dunta Robinson - i love this kid, glad to have picked him!
    1 - Chris Snee - this is a great guard for the G-men(instd of Babin)
    4 - Gibril Wilson - another solid saftey for the G-men(instd of Earl)
    6 - Rex Hadnot - solid o-lineman for miami(instd of Vontez Duff)
    6 - Shane Olivea - starting right tackle fot the chargers(instd of Jammal Lord)
    6 - Charlie Anderson - solid special team player glad to still have him.
    7 - Darrell McClover - OLB from the U, could've made the team(instd of R. Orr)
    7 - Kevin Sampson - tackle for chiefs, he's a good back-up(instd of Thomas)
    7 - B.J. Symons - i thought this was a good pick, too bad it didn't work out
    1 - Derrick Johnson - what a playmaker at linebacker(instd of Travis Johnson)
    3 - Chris Henry - good reciever with some issues(instd of Vernand Morency)
    4 - Jerome Mathis - if he can stay healthy, he's great glad to still have him
    5 - Drew Hodgdon - thought this was a great pick, was solid before injury
    6 - Reynaldo Hill - decent corner(instd of C.C. Brown)
    7 - Matt Cassel - could be a solid #3QB(instd of Pettway)
    1 - Mario Williams - i would have liked D'Brick but i wont start that again
    2 - DeMeco Ryans - fantastic pick, sad he didn't make the pro-bowl
    3 - Ashton Youboty - could have been a CB good for us(instd of Spencer)
    3 - Eric Winston - i like the pick, hope he shines for the rest of his carrer
    4 - Owen Daniels - at irst i didn't like the pick, but now i do...
    6 - Wali Lundy - time will tell if this id can really carry the load...
    7 - Aaron Harris - i thought he would have been a solid LB(instd of Anderson)

    Now i know if we have picked these guys in the start, we probably wouldnt have had the problems that we have...i know certain players were picked because of our schemes, i just wanted to give yall a small look at how talented our team could have been WITHOUT Charley Casserly and Dom capers..some people will say it wasnt thier faults but i think ir was thier faults so, let me know...i think we could have been a play-off team after our second year now knowing wat most of these guys are capable of, so let me know what yoiu think...
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    every team can look back and see who they would rather have after the fact. Every fan base does this and all the fans have a perfect draft once it all unfolds.
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    Why do we keep rehasing these things over and over when we can do nothing about it. It's history, get on with life.
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    I applaud his effort, I'm sure it took some time to pull it off. usually when the subject is of no interest to me I don't post. you should do the same fyi
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    Your last pick, Aaron Harris, was a post draft day ghost for me. No one seemed to remember him and I could not find him on the internet. It was only a few weeks ago when I found a website that said he wasn't athletic enough for the NFL.
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    for whatever reason my passion with the NFL draft did not begin in earnest until 2004, even though I've followed it for years. it seemed like the Texans where missing some key talent so I then became more interested, like it would matter.....anyway the first real error on Casserly & companys part was signing off on Tony Hollings. he cost the Texans the first pick of the second rd. & if the Texans had planned on trading up for Babin this would still have left the Texans with a 2nd rd. pick. combine that with the fact Tony had played only 4 games in College @ RB and tore his acl in the process is stupidity beyond belief.

    next blunder in 05 was the move in the 1st rd. this was the year if the Texans where to save David Carr- it was time to secure his protection with a top tackle prospect, that was the single over riding need and they not only passed on Jammal Brown (all pro this year) when they traded down Casserly passed once again on another highly rated tackle in Alex Barron (started 14 games as a rookie & every game so far this year).

    06 not sure what impact Casserly had, but he must of had some input with the 1st overall pick in the draft thats for sure. Kubiak did address the tackle position in the 3rd with a pair & went defense in the 1st & 2nd. While I thought the Texans did much better with grading talent in the draft, I fail to understand their grading of damaged goods (David Carr). seems like a complete waste & erroneous projection if not for his prospects alone the health, talent & the quality of players around him.

    these are the three errors of this organization that we all have to live with, players, coaches & fans of the Texans alike. I trust Kubiak with the help now of a new GM in Rick Smith have a better understanding of this teams dynamics & how to address improvements via the draft, free agency & possible trades. our fate lies in their hands now, revisonist theorys start your engines we are entering a new era :stirpot:
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    And the funny thing, I'm not sure all of those players are successes if they come to the Texans instead of somewhere else.

    There are so few players that can rise above bad schemes and bad teams.

    Dunta Robinson was fortunate to have a rookie year playing alongside Aaron Glenn. If he would have started with the Texans in 2005 it could have been scary for him.

    DeMeco Ryans is one of those amazing players who would probably shine no matter where he went.

    I'm convinced that Mario Williams impresses more if he were on a team that had more talent along the line. A rookie offensive linemen would likely be in the same boat.

    Just an observation.
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    Out yonder way...
    Last time Aaron Harris was in the news was when he was the driver of the vehicle that had Tarell Brown and Tyrell Gatewood passed out in the back. Harris admitted ownership of both the weed and the gun that was in the vehicle.

    At one time, he was one of my favorite players on Texas' team. But it wasn't just his lack of athleticism that kept him out of the NFL. Trouble seems to follow the guy around and I don't think it's a coincidence.
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    Gee, and I only missed out on IBM at 2 bucks and 35 stock splits ago.

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