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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Brando, Oct 19, 2008.

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    Andre Johnson was just on. I think Mario is next.

    nevermind: they took it down.

    I think Richard Justice was the one asking Andre if he has complained about getting the ball and AJ flat out said he doesn't complain and that's not his style. He said if he didn't get anything thrown his way for the rest of the season he still wouldn't go in to Kubes office and complain. That's another reason to love AJ. I love that he is low key and lets his play on the field do the speaking to be a team leader.
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    Unfortunately, IMO, they are over using AJ right now to the detriment of the other guys. KW, AD, OD are all good at the 5 yard slant that they threw to AJ many times. Keep using him this heavily and he will get hurt. He is our deep threat and we aren't throwing deep right at this point. Right now I think he is Matt's security blanket, but it just seems to be overly used to me.
  3. Jackie Chiles

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    Gotta disagree, I'm pumped that we are finally making him the focal point of our offense. Its been long overdue. There will be plenty of opportunities for the other guys over the course of a season, just look at OD today. By throwing him the ball we force the defense to focus on him and it opens up a ton of stuff, not to mention you can't stop him anyway anymore. Can't be worried about injuring a WR imo. RB maybe but no way should we back off getting him the ball because of injury worries.

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