List your projected/wanted top 10 or 20 (since not 8 anymore)

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Xman, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Xman

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    Mar 14, 2005
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    I think ATL takes Landry, meaning we still get one of the top DL if we want them. But, Willis, Nelson and Houston will be tempting also. Or maybe we drop a little lower and take Levi or another CB.

    I hope we keep moving down for more picks.

    My order of preference:

    1. Joe Thomas - he will be gone - simply because we need a stud OT
    2. CJ - he will be gone - don't really need him but he and AJ would be scary
    3. Peterson - he is probably gone - a better dickerson
    4.& 5: Russell/Quinn likely gone
    6. Gaines Adams- gone - a stud DE would hopefully round out our DL.
    7. JAnderson - See Adams
    8. Okoye - DT - would force us to make Weaver more DE than DT so I would rather have the DE - but our run D would be stout.
    9. Branch - see Okoye
    10. Chris Houston - CB - I think he could be the Dunta of this draft. Plus, later round CBs are almost as risky as CBs and this is too expensive to fill through FA.
    11/12 Nelson/Landry - whichever looks like a better fit - which is probably Nelson. [[[[but ATL is looking hard at Landry so he probably goes at 8]]]]
    13. Levi Brown - if we trade down again - at this point, with the studs gone and no decent CBs left, I would have to take the best OT. Plus, he is probably worth a top 20 pick anyway(and only if the FO had him ranked as top 20).
    14. Willis - A stud OLB would really help our DL.
    15. Lynch - Not my favorite but would solidify RB for new qb.
    16.& 17. Revis/Hall - just because we reallllly need another good cb.

    after that: Carriker - DE
    WR - Ginn or Meachum
  2. freedoggy77

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    Dec 9, 2006
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    yeah i agree. i hope we trade down and get back a second rounder. that way we can still get a playmaking FS like reggie nelson or a CB like chris houston
  3. Ole Miss Texan

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    May 8, 2006
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    Well Xman you raise a good would be my favorite players from the 10-20 range...most would be there i would think whether we trade down or stay at 10. obviously some may be reaches at 10..but they'll be there in a trade down maybe...

    in no particular order:

    Landry (doubt he's there)
    reggie nelson
    leon hall
    darrelle revis
    chris houston
    patrick willis
    amobi okoye
    levi brown
    marshawn lynch

    thats a good group of players so if we could trade down and pick up a 2nd round pick or 3rd...we could still get some of these players that i would flirt with picking at 10.

    FYI: pick 10 is worth 1300 pts...pick 18 (bengals) and their 2nd rd is worth 1300 that trade works good but don't know what they'd trade up for...hardest thing is finding a partner.

    so if we trade with green bay so they could get lynch. we might be able to snag their 2nd rounder but have to swap 3rd round picks....i'd be all for that.

    I'M SAD THOUGH...SAY BYE BYE TO RYAN KALIL...ooh! unless we trade way down into the 20's and take him in the first!!! lol jk.
  4. Clash_Fan3605

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    Feb 4, 2007
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    La Porte
    Once again, I agree with ya OMT, we really need secondary, so IMO we need to go after Nelson or Landry or trade down & go for Revis/Hall/Houston. I still think we could snag Landry though, that would be tight!
  5. Xman

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    Mar 14, 2005
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    The more I thought about it last night, with Schaub on board - WR seems to be a little more important to me than it was before (Schaub could actually use a 2nd WR).

    But, a trade down would be even better:

    Denver #21 and #56 for #10 - points are in DNVR favor but still works for us.
    (really anyone between 17-21 that will add a 2nd would work well for us)

    Carolina or Pitt (14/15) could add a 3rd to move up: That would be great also.

    Or, the wildcard: future picks.
    GB: #16 and a 2nd next year.

    So many options. But, if no deal can be made, I think they go CB (and we can all hope for another Dunta).
  6. Texans Horror

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    Sep 11, 2005
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    Players the Texans need to consider/have on their priority list:

    LT - Thomas, Staley, Free

    C - Kalil, Daglish

    DT - Branch, Okoye

    Any combination of these three players will give the Texans the tools they need to 1. Run the ball and 2. Stop the run. The Texans cannot do either, and until they can exceed at them, they will be basement dwellers, no matter who you insert as quarterback, cornerback, or safety.

    However, the Texans are horrible in defensive secondary. Getting a Hall, Landry, or Nelson would be a definite boon, though the player will not make as big a splash as any of the players listed above.

    Since the Texans have thrown away their second round pick, I'm guessing they go for Staley or Free in the third and Landry or Nelson in the first.

    For format:

    1. Joe Thomas - gone
    2. Kalil - No longer have a second rd. pick, so no chance.
    3. Branch - gone
    4. Okoye - I've heard reports he's slipping towards the second...nevermind. No second.
    5. Daglish - Probably a reach to think he'll be there in the third, but if he is, a solid pick.
    6. Staley - Likely gone before the third.
    7. Free - Could be there in the third, but we have Black and Salaam, so I doubt they'll go for another LT.
  7. real

    real Guest

    Don't know how it'd work, but I 'd like to trade David Carr and the 10th pick to St. Louis for the 13th pick and their 3rd and 4th...(Would've said 5th, but they don't have a 5th)

    So my Mock would be:

    Round 1) Reggie Nelson-FS

    Round 3) Tim Crowder-DE, David Irons-CB

    Round 4) Jason Hill-WR, Dan Mozes-C

    Round 5) Juwan Simpson-OLB

    Round 6) Mason Crosby-K

    Round 7) Ramonce Taylor-WR & RB

    Wishful thinking I know...but hey...
  8. wolf123

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    Oct 3, 2004
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    Knowing how much the front office likes pick I would be shocked if they don't trade down.
    The texans have to at least trade down to 16 in order to possibly get a 2nd rounder. I think the value is to much for a third and to little for a 2nd. But if the texans can convince greenbay that their will be no running backs,and olson and nelson are likely to be pick before them this has a possibility of getting done.
    The texans will not take patrick willis, great talent but with the two new linebackers and ryans this need gets put off.
    They also won't be picking levi brown who is rumored to be liked by the vikings,dolphins,falcons.
    I believe that the texans will look to trade down between 16-21 where their is a group of cornerbacks,and wide receivers who all have about equal value.
  9. Xman

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    Mar 14, 2005
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    I agree - trade down and take the bpa (probably one of the CBs but DT/LB/FS works also). Unless . . . . there is a CB that they think is "dunta-like" - if so then take him at 10 and call it a day.
  10. Gamehorn25

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    Apr 30, 2006
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    Is there a WR worth a #10 pick? I don't think there is one, so we need to trade down because Schaub needs to throw the ball to AJ and someone else. I am hoping we trade down for a first in the 20s or early second round to pick up Sidney Rice. This is what we need to do IMO.

  11. Blake

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    1 Russell
    2 Quinn
    3 Peterson
    4 Johnson
    5 Thomas
    6 Adams
    7 Anderson
    8 Landry - I like
    9 Brown - I like
    10 Branch - I like
    11 Lynch - I like
    12 Willis - I like
    13 Hall
    14 Revis - I like
    15 Griffin - I like
    16 Jarrett
    17 Nelson - I like
    18 Bowe
    19 Okoye
    20 Ginn
  12. Blake

    Blake MMQB

    Apr 29, 2004
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    I think a vet like Bryant would be better. No fresh meat.

    Grab Schaub a hoss like Levi Brown to keep him upright.

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