List of grievances:

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by gtexan02, Sep 10, 2006.

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    Feel free to list your grievances here:

    1. Our OL still gives up sacks on blitzes
    2. Our running game had almost no holes
    3. Our pass rush was embarassing
    4. Our pay role for our DL. Yikes
    5. Dropping Robaire Smith.
    6. Our Linebackers (Where was ORR?)
    7. Our secondary (Including DRob)
    8. Our FB - Can he block anyone?
    9. Our TEs - Can they block anyone?
    10. Our run defense. It was Westbrook for crying out loud
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    Jeez dude, are you doing a thread starting marathon?

    OL looks better then last year... when it comes to passing, as it pertains to the running game, YIKES. Need a refresher in ZB

    7+ seconds to throw, <-- sums up the secondary.

    Jameel Cook should block like he did on that Kickoff where he knocked that guy to the ground then tackled the returner... WOW.

    TEs, no they can't block anyone, well Bruener might, but Putzier, well, we know Jeb can't block Kearse.

    We need penetrating DTs, <-- answer to Smith greviance.

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