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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by markn, Sep 22, 2008.

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    It's probably risky trying to inject a little optimism in the wake of the latest Texans disaster, but I'm going to risk collective mocking by trying anyway.

    Among the numerous failures in the Titans game, the flicker of life came into our running game. Furthermore, the defense - recently the single biggest area of discontent - actually stepped up for half a game, showed us something new, and looked like an effective unit.

    Schaub has already proven that he has the ability to play as an effective West-Coast QB, so whatever has momentarily turned him into David Carr reincarnated can surely be overcome.

    Andre Johnson won't have another game like that, and Gary Kubiak's failure was so public and complete that he can't possibly allow himself to make the same mistakes again if he's serious about becoming a respected head coach.

    Bearing in mind that these were two games many had chalked down as losses before they were played, and with no immediate dominant team appearing in the AFL the race for play-off spots is more likely to be in range. The team does have the components to actually compete if they can consistently put them together in an effective manner.

    We're not a good road team yet, but with four consecutive home games on the horizon, perhaps a confidence gaining run can be had. If the defense can continue as they left off in the Tennessee game, and with the addition of an exciting home-run hitter to the back-field and a return to form for the Schaub-Johnson combination, then I believe it's still possible that this team can still be relevant in December.

    My head tells me that we need another good draft to truly compete, but my heart tells me that it's too soon to throw in the towel on this season.
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    I missed it....when did it happen?

    Otherwise...good post.
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    Steve Slaton prevented a lot of broken TV sets in Texas.

    Our defense didn't get hammered by Titans' running game, which I thought would surely happen with White and Johnson back there for Tenn.

    Kris Brown.

    That's about it.

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