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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by AlbinoRat, Feb 22, 2006.

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    Who are some studs that could be looked over in the first two rounds and snagged in the third?

    One I feel like is Leonard Pope, the Tight End from Georgia. He's rated as like the fourth or fifth Tight End in the draft.

    Also Sinorice Moss at wide receiver could be looked over because of his size (5-8) He would be a true steal in the third.

    Another wideout is Maurice Stovall from Notre Dame. The guys 6-5 and fights for the ball. Reminds me alot of A.J.

    Any others i might have missed?
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    Actually, every scouting report I've seen has Vernon Davis and Leonard Pope as the 1st and 2nd-ranked TEs. No way Pope lasts until the 3rd round. If you're looking 3rd rounders, look at David Thomas, Joe Klopfenstein, Tim Day and MAYBE Anthony Fasano.

    Sinorice Moss, Santonio Holmes, and Chad Jackson are the top three rated a year where the WR pool is not very deep, don't look for any of these three to make it past the 2nd round. Maurice Stovall, Jason Avant, Gregg Lee, and MAYBE Cory Rodgers will be available in the 3rd.
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    I wrote this in another thread before but these guys have been talked about

    LBs-Another deep postion, especially at ILB. The guys this morning were saying that a guy like Gerris Wilkinson from GT may be there for us to take with one of our 3rd round picks. I'd take that anyday. Bray from Oregon St is another one whom I think will translate on the next level

    TE--Admittedly I knew about the Top 5 TEs but was not sure how the draft might fall. According to the guy this morning and another publication I read TEs might not start going until the 20th and lower in the 1st round. That, of course would be Vernon Davis, according to most. This guy said he may slip to 22. With that being said TE is also deep. A Joe Klopfenstein of Colorado may be there with the other 3rd. They said Tim Day from Oregon moved up in the East/West Shrine game and may be a good pickup later. If you have the extra pick from a trade down you could probably get Marcedes Lewis is he was the guy you thought fit.
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    i really dont agree with any of those guys. they arent 3rd rounders. sinorice has established himself as the #2 WR, Pope has established himself as the #2 TE, not the forth or fifth. they will both most likely be mid-late 1st rounders. Stovall has established himself as at least a mid 2nd round pick. and he is not like andre johnson. stovall is 6'5", 225. he doesnt have the amazing size/speed combo that aj has. with an estimated 4.55-4.6 40, he doesnt have breakaway speed. johnson is 6'2" 220. he has amazing speed for his size (4.35 40 yard when he came out), which is why he was the #3 overall pick. anyway, none of those guys will slip to the 3rd.

    if you want a steal in the third, i would say maurice drew. he is a late 2nd at best but i see him slipping to the early third. he is probably the 7th best RB available, behind bush, white, williams, maroney, calhoun, and addai. he has very good speed, he is a good pass catcher. he could go to a team like the that needs depth and be a very productive 3rd down/change of pace. he has decent size at 5'8" 205, and the potential to start in a few years after he learns the NFL game a bit.
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    Rocky McIntosh LB- great talent a poor man's Vilma that hits harder. Will need a year to develop and can do it on the job and not hurt us a true steal in the third.
    T.J. Williams TE- This guy is pretty much the same as Vernon Davis without the elite speed, but the same type of workout warrior and are about the same size anothe quality option. Think L.J. Smith and that is this cat.

    Mike Hass WR- big production guy that is like a young taller Wayne Chrebet. A good athlete that just makes cathes, but wont blow anybody away with his measurables.

    Jonathan Joseph/Demario Minter/Richard Marshall CB- all three of these guys are good fast CBs that enjoy coming up and making the stick. Similar to D-Rob, but not as athletic, but bigger guys that could play nickel to they take Buchanon or Faggins spot mid year.

    Also like Maurice Drew but the kid is only 5'6" so he will fall well into the third or fourth. Stovall may slip to the third, but not likely.
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    If the Texans go Bush or Young with the first pick I would expect them to at least nab one 4-3 DE during the first day of the draft. A couple of guys to look out for in the 3rd would be.

    Ray Edwards - 6'6 270
    Kamerion Wimbley - 6'4 255

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