Lack of talent, not lack of heart.

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    We are at the point in our existence that we must now start to question which Texans team will show up and play. This is how I know that this team is on the verge of doing something good. I understand to some that this statement might not make any since so let me explain, we have enough talent that we can win any game we play, but we also have a lack of talent that we could lose any game we play.

    Remember back at the beginning of the season when both Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak stated that even though this team is an improvement it still had a long way to go? We just chose not to believe it.

    We the Texans faithfully watched pre-season games and saw a rookie sensation return punts for TD's and hard to make grabs in the back of the EndZone and instantly labeled him the next Chad Johnson. We witnessed Green run through the best that the Dallas defense had to offer. We saw Matt Schaub sling it down field and command the team like Patton marching across Germany.

    The warning signs were there. Salaam, getting up in his years, was still our best option at left tackle. McKinney, who the previous year lost his starting job and labeled the second worst Texans lineman ever next to Victor Riley, all of the sudden became the most important cog to the Texans O-Line. A 30 year old running back who said he was in the best shape of his life, Weaver getting hurt and Kalu was our best option at DE, Anderson was unable to beat out Danny Clark, Greenwood kept his job unchallenged, Faggins was cemented in at #2 corner and we were going through Safeties like Spinal Tap goes through drummers.

    Despite it all this team has come out swinging despite being out-matched by many of our opponents. We have had our ups and downs but with the exception of the San Diego game this team has fought every second of every minute of every game. These losses are not a lack of effort, its a lack of talent.

    Unfortunately we go into next year with the same questions we had this year. With DRob possibly lost for the next season you have to ask yourself who can be our #2, Bennett has clearly answered that bell but will have to play like a #1 until DRob gets back. We still need a FS, no way can we afford to go into next season with Greenwood and Clark as our starting OLB's. Is Spencer coming back or do we draft a LT, if he does come back will he be any good? Was he any good? What are we going to do at RB? Does Taylor come back healthy, was he any good to begin with?

    We have a ton of holes to fill, and despite the cap space for next year you can't solve the problem by throwing money at it, just look at the 49ers. Casserly did a fine job of destroying this franchise and Sherman is not helping matters. We do need a better D coach and getting rid of Sherman is going to help out a lot.

    But despite it all, its not a lack of effort, they don't go out and quit, its just the lack of talent.

    Thats my two cents.

    keep the faith my brothers and sisters B/C our time is drawing closer.

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