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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Htownsportsfan, Nov 30, 2008.

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    your lady's sexdreams.
    man, i'd like to watch the helicopter portion of that...
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    I don't agree with this statement. It’s about the decisions you make along the way accentuate the strengths and negate the weaknesses of the team that makes for a good organization. There are several examples of teams that have shown great progress outside the “draft” formula ~ the Falcons, the Jets and the Dolphins.

    Atlanta replaced its coaching staff two years in a row. Now with a rookie head coach and rookie quarterback, they are making real strides towards becoming a great team. How did the Falcon's turn it around, well for starters, they recognized their weakness and then took steps to reduce the risk. The Falcon's weakness was obviously at QB. To minimize the risk of a rookie at the position, they went out and got the best Free Agent running back available, Michael Turner, drafted Sam Baker (LOT), & Harry Douglas (WR). Also, they traded troubled CB DeAngleo Hall (rec'd a 2nd and 5th round picks) and released several other players who may cause them trouble (Alge Crumpler, Byron Leftwich, & Joey Herrington).

    How good would our running attack be right now had we signed Michael Turner as a free agent?

    The Jets on the other had been in turmoil on both sides of the ball. Pennington is a good QB but for whatever reason wasn’t getting the job done. In come Brett Farve, Allen Faneca and Kris Jenkins. All of who could have helped this team.

    To sit there year after year and say, “we’ll get them next year” is starting to become a “cop out”. I’ll be the first to agree that we are undermanned on the defensive side of the ball, but my question is “Should we be?” If you look at our roster now compared to the roster from the 2005 season, there aren’t too many similarities. Both the Jets and the Falcons made significant moves in one offseason to put them in playoff contention. What did we do?

    How about the Dolphins? Talk about a team taking advantage of strength. They’ve got two pretty good running backs so put them both back there and let them run wild. What different schemes have we tried out to negate our defensive weakness? Until we played Cleveland, I’d say none.

    I’m a Texans fan and I will continue to be until my last breath, but I have to admit to myself that this may not be a good organization. We do not make good adjustments. Dom Capers had this same problem. Does anyone remember his “failure to execute” comments back in 2005?

    We tend to be unwilling to make changes away from “the scheme”.
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    Damn good post.

    ("...must spread rep around...")
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    rep your way :goodpost:

    as we teeter along to another dissapointing season you have to ask those questions, when others do it over & over. I'm thinking its systematic of self-fullfilling lack of vision/experience in the ultra-competitive operation of NFL organizational structure. However, for all the frustration/lack of success on the field at least off of it they try to do things right, adding a valued service to the community, jobs & 1st class digs/trimmings for the fourth largest market. so its all good, just would be a little easier to swallow :beerfunnel: if not so nice gameday & play with more elavated sense of urgency/substance :cricket:

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