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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by unreals, Nov 24, 2009.

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    Steve Slaton is named the starting RB (again) for Monday Night's game with the Titans. He carries the ball FIVE times all night. He looked good on his few touches. What did he do to deserve banishment to the bench again? Did he fumble when I missed it? We all know that didn't happen- if it did, Psycho Kubiak would have cut him on the spot. Maybe he infuriated his idiotic coach by the great effort he made in carrying defenders into the end zone for their first TD (once again, proving he is actually a very good goal line back).

    What Kubiak has done to his star RB is a crime. This kid showed last season that he is one of the most dynamic young backs in the league (and remember, he outgained the clearly great Chris Johnson as well). Kubiak reacted in a hysterical, over-the-top fashion to Slaton's FIRST fumble this season, commented negatively about Slaton's "problem" before it became one and did everything he could to destroy his player's self-confidence. Now, after benching him for future hall of famer Ryan Moats (who proved conclusively that the primary problem in the running game is that ridiculous offensive line), he announces that Slaton has won the starting job back, then gives future hall of famer Chris "Lightning" Brown 14 touches on the night to Slaton's 10. What is wrong with this moron? If he seriously thinks that other RBs on the his roster deserve more touches than last year's best rookie RB, then he is an even worse evaluator of talent than I thought. Slaton looks strong when he touches the ball, but the more Kubiak messes with his head like this (playing incompetent plodders like Brown over him), the more likely it is that he may eventually succeed in his strange quest to destroy what was potentially a great career for Slaton.

    Also, why does Schaub ignore his other starting receiver- Kevin Walter? This guy was very effective last season, but gets very few looks every game, and seems to never top 50 yards now. Just a thought- maybe if you stopped forcing the ball constantly to a blanketed AJ, and went to the other side of the field (Walter), some of that extra coverage on AJ might dissipate and open things up more for him.

    I'm actually shocked they didn't sign perpetual troublemaker, washed up Larry Johnson. With the personal animosity Kubiak obviously (albeit inexplicably) has for Steve Slaton, it wouldn't surprise me to see Leach as the primary ballcarrier next game. Anyone except his best RB.
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    Steve, it's 3:00 am. You need to be in bed.
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    anyone else having "hulk" flashbacks?
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    hulk posted more and was always mad at the fans more than the coaches.
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    Huh. Cool. :kitten:

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