Kubiak, "We've got another goal to play for"

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by thunderkyss, Dec 2, 2012.

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    Just heard Antonio on 610. If they offer this as a podcast, you gotta get it. He makes Arian seem deadpan.

    Anyway he was talking about achieving a level in this sport that most teams don't..... clinching a play-off spot. He said once you get to this level, you've got to find something else to play for. He mentioned that Kubiak talked about it today. Kubiak said "We've got another goal to play for... bringing the play-offs to Houston."

    I thought he was going to say Super Bowl. But when he said that, I was like.... yeah, that's right. We still have to clinch the division, or we're on the road through-out. We've still got to secure HFA throughout.

    But I thought it was cool how Kubiak didn't overlook what's still out in front of us, and keep this thing manageable, not too big. Don't need to be thinking about Super Bowl, or homefield.

    First think first.
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    I like how we're setting things up here.

    Having a ton of road games NOW....so that we can have all home games in the PLAYOFFS.

    Do the dirty work now, then let teams come to OUR house for the games that matter most.

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