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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Ibar_Harry, Feb 25, 2006.

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    I found the Web site interview interesting. Certainly Kubiack metions his interview with Bush but they also mention they have interviewed D'brick. VY is yet to come. It is interesting they would interview Dbrick, but it would make sense given the Texan's situation. I will probably create a little stir here, but I listened to the interviews to try to get some kind of measure of how the player can handle himself in mental situations. Of the interviews I have seen and heard so far I would rate them in this order.

    1) Cutler
    2) Dbrick
    3) Bush
    4) VY

    There are obviously a lot of factors involved in standing in front of a podium and some people are just not comfortible, but there have been a variety of forums. Cutler is kind of an interesting draft pick for someone, because he appears to be talented, very smart and injury free. He would make an interesting understudy, but I don't really think there's anyway he would be on the radar screen for us. Is this Dbrick interview just a token interview or is it the real thing. Actually it would make a lot of sense when you think about it. The interviews with Kubiack have been interesting, because there certainly has been a defend Carr and DD theme in some of them. So far the process looks like they are interested in the 1st pick and not a trade down unless perhaps they think they can get Drick at a position other than 1. I will add a note of caution in that the last few years many of the interviews on the Texans Web site were of people they had no intentions of drafting. Just had to throw that in.
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    Understudy? Maybe, Maybe not. Maybe the Texans aren't as sold on DC as they have lead us to believe. I know, its a stretch, but you don't spend a no. 1 pick, or even a top 10 pick for that matter, on an understudy.
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    Don't read too much into a player getting interviewed. Each team is allowed to interview 60 players. The Broncos and Texans have teamed up and will jointly be interviewing up to 120 players. That's more than a third of the 330 invitees.
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    I never heard that the Texans and Broncos were teaming up...but I guess it makes a lot of sense as the 2 coaches trust eachother greatly..
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    Seems like we are developing more and more Denver connections.

    Training camp scrimmages, Reeves, Kubiak, ShannahanII and other Bronco coaches who came over and now we are teaming up for interviews.

    Might have been a better idea to team up with New England.

    Nah...their offensive co-ordinator left last year to help my Irish. :D

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    Do you have a link, I only saw bits and pieces but nothing really on his interviews or such.

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