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    Thought I would do a mock draft, mainly as motivation to find out what other teams are looking at to see how that will effect us. This draft is heavily influenced by the gossip on other teams message boards.

    1.) Raiders _ Calvin Johnson WR
    Davis continues his aversion to QB's and takes BPA and someone to take the place of Moss or Porter just in case one or both move on.
    2.) Lions _ Gaines Adams DE
    Team has a lot of needs but fills an important piece of the defensice puzzle.
    3.) Browns _ Adrian Peterson RB
    Browns get a player who is potentially the most dominant offensive player in the draft.
    4.) Tampa Bay _ Joe Thomas LT
    Tampa gets a key building block for the future and really solidifies their OL.
    5.) Arizona _ Jamaal Anderson DE
    Arizona gets a bookend and eventual replacement for the ageing Bertrand Berry.
    6.) Washington _ Alan Branch DT
    Washington gets a space eating DT to solidify their run defense.
    7.) Minnesota _ Brady Quinn QB
    Minnesota get their QB of the future, to back up, learn and replace Brad Johnson.
    8.) Houston _ Levi Brown LT
    Houston finally finds the solution to their ongoing LT position.
    9.) Miami _ JaMarcus Russell QB
    Miami gets a player who could finally bring elite Qb play back.
    10.) Atlanta _ Reggie Nelson FS
    Nelson fills a definite need with his ballhawking play at safety.
    11.) San Fransisco _ LaRon Landry FS
    San Fran takes the opportunity to solidify their pass defense with one of the premier DB in the draft.
    12.) Buffalo _ Marshawn Lynch RB
    With McGahee's future in question, and production not up to expectation, they take the 2nd best RB in the draft to solidify the position.
    13.) St Loius _ Amobi Okoye DT
    St Louis gets the young stud DT they have been looking for.
    14.) Carolina _ Dwayne Jarrett WR
    Carolina get the player they wanted when they signed Keyshawn Johnson.
    15.) Pittsburgh _ Jarvis Moss OLB/DE
    Pittsburgh draft a player to continue their tradition of elite LB's.
    16.) Green Bay _ Ted Ginn Jr WR
    Favre gets another target and the Pack get an elite return man they have been longing for.
    17.) Jacksonville _ Patrick Willis ILB
    Jacksonville get a player to solidify the middle for them for years to come.
    18.) Cincinatti _ Darrelle Revis CB
    Cincinatti take the best CB in the draft to strengthen their pass defense.
    19.) Tennessee _ Dwayne Bowe WR
    Titans take a WR to grow together with VY.
    20.) New York _ Leon Hall CB
    Giants take a desperately needed elite cover guy.
    21.) Denver _ Adam Carricker DE
    Tired of signing ex-Browns the Broncos get one of the more solid and versatile end in the draft.
    22.) Dallas _ Sidney Rice WR
    With doubt around TO's future and father time catching up on Glenn, Cowboys take a WR to pair with Romo.
    23.) Kansas City _ Lawrence Timmons LB
    Kansas continue to try and find a defense taking the most athletic LB in the draft.
    24.) New England _ Aaron Ross CB
    A history of injury and the imminent departure of Samuel means a CB is a must here.
    25.) New Jersey _ Anthony Spencer DE/OLB
    The Jets get an edge rusher to bring some impact to their defense.
    26.) Philadelphia _ Michael Griffin FS
    With Michael Lewis leaving town, the Eagles draft yet another stud for their defensive backfield.
    27.) New Orleans _ Paul Posluszny LB
    The Saints get some defensive help to get them to the next level.
    28.) New England _ Robert Meacham WR
    With a core of nobodies at receiver, the Patriots get a guy that can become a big play threat.
    29.) Baltimore _ Quenitn Moses DE/OLB
    With Thomas likely to leave, the Ravens act to keep their defense elite.
    30.) San Diego _ Brandon Meriweather FS
    A team generally regarded as one of the more talented in the NFL strengthens one of their few weak spots.
    31.) Chicago _ Justin Blalock OG
    With age wearying the inside of the Bears line they get the best Inside OL in the draft.
    32.) Indianapolis _ DeMarcus Tyler DT
    The Colts grab a DT to solidify their run defense.
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    you look like a Pro already. nice job :thumbup
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    Nice mock. Everything seems plausible except for Jamarcus Russell falling to #9. I don't seem him falling out of the top 5.
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    Very nice effort. Things might change a bit after the combine. I can't see anything wrong with it aside from the Russel pick. Washington is prime for a move down but, getting the run stuffer DT makes sense being the lone day one pick. Kastof NSA will go balistic over the Russel pick. Mayock of NFL totalaccess has him #1 though. We'll find out why monday at 6:pm CDT. We'll find out in a few weeks wich way the Wolf jumps on the Asnate Samuels deal. I'll believe Ross in the first when I see it.
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