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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by kiwitexansfan, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Have to put my picks down for posterity.

    1.) Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia

    Willing to take a slightly risky prospect for the potential of a late round gem. Gets to take the physical gifts and learn from one of the best in AJ.

    2.) Alameda Ta'amu, NT, Washington

    Gives us something a little different to use at the nose and can free Mitchell up as an option to slide over to the end spot.

    3.) Ben Jones, C, Georgia

    Grabbing some interior line depth. Good leader, sounds like his skills will fit our scheme.

    4a.) Brandon Mosley, T, Auburn

    Need to add some depth at the tackle spot and Mosley with a year or two to learn and develop will be a great option.

    4b.) Audie Cole, ILB, North Carolina

    Really like Cole, might be the best pass coverage ILB in the draft and can be real asset for our improving pass defense.

    5.) Brandon Hardin, S/CB, Oregon State

    One of my favourite prospects, missed last season with injury but has great physical tools and can play many spots in the secondary.

    6.) Bradie Ewing, FB, Wisconsin

    Need to add a physical blocker to complement Casey's skill set.

    7.) Darius Fleming, OLB, Notre Dame

    A player with good character to come in and compete for a spot as a pass rusher. Has dropped some weight to add some explosion off the edge.

    Hill, Cole and Hardin are my pet picks, the others are just guys who I think work for us.
  2. Wolf6151

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    1. Hill, risky player but I've had him in some mocks and really like him, it all depends on his route running ability that currently seems limited.
    2. Ta'amu, there's a name no one has mentioned in some months. I know Wade can customize his D to fit the personnel available but this still seems a little early for Ta'amu.
    3. Jones, I don't know much about him, can he play OG as well? Seems a little undersized and slow for the ZBS. I think we could get Blake here if you want a C.
    4. Mosley, I love this pick, naturally he's in my mock as well.
    4. Cole, I love the player but I question the need since we just signed 2 ILB's in FA last week. Sharpton might not be back so it's not a bad pick, good insurance.
    5. Hardin, I'll admit that I haven't kept up with most of the CB's this year since it's a poor CB class and I don't think we pick one this year. The Texans have lots of late round guys and still haven't seen what we got in Harris and Carmichael yet.
    6. Ewing, I don't know much about him but the pick fills a need. Could we get him as an UDFA instead of drafting him?
    7. Fleming, I don't know anything about him. Good position for some depth.
  3. beerlover

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    WR along with CB are two difficult positions to grade from College to Pro. I like Hill, bright, willing kid who works hard to improve. Problem is he has more to learn than most comparable prospects like Randle or Wright. If your betting on his upside, speed & size to fully develop then its a great pick!

    Ta'amu looks like he can make the jump to the NFL without too much trouble, so if an NFL team can address a future starting NT in the 2nd rd. I would say that is pretty good value.

    Jones is an interesting Center prospect but nowhere near the value/player of Phillip Blake, who should still be here. I think if you like Jones I would wait until later in the 4th.

    Mosley is rated higher than Jones, maybe flip them around? I don't like the fact Mosley is somewhat limited to the right side, either RG or RT but then this is an area of need for Texans.

    Audi (like him better without the e, drive a Q5) Cole, could be a great ILB fit as understudy. I don't see a huge ceiling but think he will be a productive player for years if he works hard.

    Brandon Hardin projects more to FS. Gosh this is really a jam packed position already on the Texans.

    Love me some Ewing, my pick here as well. Just a great led blocker to open up holes Foster/Tate or hang back in pass pro. solid badger addition, can't really go wrong with him, team player & special teams animal as well.

    I don't see much value in taking another OLB this late again see Cheta Ozougwu who actually had better numbers but got hurt last year in camp & reached a settlement with the team, hence term Mr. Irrelevant.

  4. badboy

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    I'm ok with first four rounds but have a ?mark on you 4a. Probably do better at OG as he can't handle LT and even RT may be a stretch. IMO he'd have to sit a year and would not be an option if a starter goes down as he will have his lunch handed to him. Could become something eventually but why take a chance as we need a back up OG that can challenge Caldwell. AFter 4 years I expect to see better and think we already have a player like him on roster. As I've posted other threads Phillip Blake can be had same pick and gives you a center back up for Myers and challenges Caldwell this year. Jones could start at center for some teams (not Texans) but is not a OG. I have not seen the lateral movements for him to play center or OG in our scheme. Wrong guy.

    4b Audie Cole, I'm a big fan. Great selection!!

    Enjoyed your efforts.

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