Kiper post Combine top 25

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Playoffs, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Playoffs

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    Apr 26, 2008
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    1. Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

    2. Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida

    3. Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

    4. Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon

    5. Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

    6. Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

    7. Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU

    8. Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah

    9. Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

    10. Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina

    11. Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State

    12. Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU

    13. Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina

    14. Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas

    15. Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

    16. Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia

    17. Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

    18. Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

    19. Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri

    20. D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama

    21. Manti Te'o, ILB, Notre Dame

    22. Alec Ogletree, OLB, Georgia

    23. Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington

    24. Datone Jones, DT, UCLA

    25. Matt Elam, S, Florida
  2. beerlover

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    May 1, 2004
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    Jarvis Jones #1 overall? dude skipped the combine, has a medical red flag & Kipper jumps him ahead of the pack? says about all you need to know :vincepalm:
  3. Playoffs

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    Apr 26, 2008
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    When I was at UT we used to bet on football to try to get some extra beer money. There was this guy we knew who was horrible at picking teams -- just awful. Three or four of us would get on the phone and call him to see who he liked, and we'd take the other side. It was an almost 80% winner over 3 years. He was our anti-tout.

    Kiper is that guy for me. (Jimmy Clausen, anyone?) :ahhaha:
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  4. Brisco_County

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    Jun 27, 2009
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    I think the only value that Kiper adds to ESPN is that people love to hate him.

    I have a friend who is a notoriously bad sports better. My other friends almost feel guilty betting against him. Almost.
  5. Lucky

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    May 1, 2004
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    Kiper will change his rankings a half dozen times between now and the draft. So will the draftniks on the internet (and this board). Nothing new here.
  6. HOU-TEX

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    Jun 16, 2006
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    Ha, that's good stuff man.

    Kiper's always been a joke to me. Before NFL Network, he used to be the only guy I could watch to get info on the draft. I grit my teeth at just the sight of him. Needless to say, I praised the Lord when NFLN came along. I just wish Shefter never left. Plus, they put morons like Irvin and Sapp on shows these days. I've written them many a time about these two clowns. They're driving me away from my favorite channel.

    I think McShay would be the only person I trust less than Kiper on the draft
  7. Playoffs

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    Apr 26, 2008
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    Kiper Mock 3

    1 Luke Joeckel Kansas City Chiefs
    2 Eric Fisher Jacksonville Jaguars
    3 Sharrif Floyd Oakland Raiders
    4 Dee Milliner Philadelphia Eagles
    5 Ezekiel Ansah Detroit Lions
    6 Dion Jordan Cleveland Browns
    7 Geno Smith Arizona Cardinals
    8 Jarvis Jones Buffalo Bills
    9 Barkevious Mingo New York Jets
    10 Jonathan Cooper Tennessee Titans
    11 Lane Johnson San Diego Chargers
    12 Cordarrelle Patterson Miami Dolphins
    13 Star Lotulelei Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    14 Tavon Austin Carolina Panthers
    15 Sheldon Richardson New Orleans Saints
    16 Kenny Vaccaro St. Louis Rams
    17 Tyler Eifert Pittsburgh Steelers
    18 Chance Warmack Dallas Cowboys
    19 Manti Te'o New York Giants
    20 D.J. Fluker Chicago Bears
    21 Alec Ogletree Cincinnati Bengals
    22 Justin Hunter St. Louis Rams
    23 Keenan Allen Minnesota Vikings
    24 Menelik Watson Indianapolis Colts
    25 Sylvester Williams Minnesota Vikings
    26 Eddie Lacy Green Bay Packers
    27 DeAndre Hopkins Houston Texans
    28 Desmond Trufant Denver Broncos
    29 Xavier Rhodes New England Patriots
    30 Bjoern Werner Atlanta Falcons
    31 Datone Jones San Francisco 49ers
    32 Matt Elam Baltimore Ravens
  8. 76Texan

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    Dec 28, 2006
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    5 receivers in the first round?

    I hope it doesn't work out that way for the Texans.
  9. Wolf6151

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    Oct 15, 2008
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    Pearland, Texas

    He's got us passing on Desmond Trufant and Xavier Rhodes. I know WR is a much bigger need, but passing on some high quality CB's is gonna hurt.
  10. Fred

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    Jul 17, 2009
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    Talk about typecasting...

  11. mexican_texan

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    Jul 7, 2005
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    Spring, TX
    Could be a Moneyball thing. You get talented players at a steep discount when they've had issues in the past. You just have to determine whether their contribution is worth potential problems.
  12. Playoffs

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    Apr 26, 2008
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    It's Kiper ...... with his inverted draft compass. [​IMG]
  13. Playoffs

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    Apr 26, 2008
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    Mock 4.0

    1 Kansas City Chiefs Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M
    2 Jacksonville Jaguars Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU
    3 Oakland Raiders Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida
    4 Philadelphia Eagles Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia
    5 Detroit Lions Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
    6 Cleveland Browns Dion Jordan, OLB/DE, Oregon
    7 Arizona Cardinals Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
    8 Buffalo Bills Johnathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina
    9 New York Jets Barkevious Mingo, OLB/DE, LSU
    10 Tennessee Titans Chance Warmack, G, Alabama
    11 San Diego Chargers Lane Johnson, LT, Oklahoma
    12 Miami Dolphins D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama
    13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah
    14 Carolina Panthers Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri
    15 New Orleans Saints Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia
    16 St. Louis Rams Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia
    17 Pittsburgh Steelers Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame
    18 Dallas Cowboys Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina
    19 New York Giants Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington
    20 Chicago Bears Manti Te’o, MLB, Notre Dame
    21 Cincinnati Bengals Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia
    22 St. Louis Rams (from WAS) Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas
    23 Minnesota Vikings Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee
    24 Indianapolis Colts Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State
    25 Minnesota Vikings (from SEA) Kevin Minter, LB, LSU
    26 Green Bay Packers Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama
    27 Houston Texans Robert Woods, WR, USC
    28 Denver Broncos D.J. Hayden, CB, Denver Broncos
    29 New England Patriots Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee
    30 Atlanta Falcons Kyle Long, OL, Oregon
    31 San Francisco 49ers Margus Hunt, DT, SMU
    32 Baltimore Ravens Johnathan Cyprien, S, Florida Int’l

    33 Jacksonville QB Matt Barkley USC
    34 San Francisco (via KC) S Matt Elam Florida
    35 Philadelphia OT Menelik Watson Florida State
    36 Detroit DE Bjoern Werner Florida State
    37 Cincinnati (via OAK) S Shamarko Thomas Syracuse
    38 Arizona DE Datone Jones UCLA
    39 New York Jets TE Zach Ertz Stanford
    40 Tennessee WR Keenan Allen Cal-Berkeley
    41 Buffalo QB Ryan Nassib Syracuse
    42 Miami DE Tank Carradine Florida State
    43 Tampa Bay CB Jamar Taylor Boise State
    44 Carolina S D.J. Swearinger South Carolina
    45 San Diego LB Arthur Brown Kansas State
    46 St. Louis RB Montee Ball Wisconsin
    47 Dallas OL Justin Pugh Syracuse
    48 Pittsburgh OLB Cornelius Washington Georgia
    49 New York Giants LB Sio Moore Connecticut
    50 Chicago DT Jesse Williams Alabama
    51 Washington CB Bildi Wreh-Wilson Connecticut
    52 Minnesota DT Kawann Short Purdue
    53 Cincinnati CB Johnthan Banks Mississippi State
    54 Miami (from IND) CB Robert Alford S.E. Louisiana
    55 Green Bay S J.J. Wilcox Georgia Southern
    56 Seattle DT Johnathan Hankins Ohio State
    57 Houston DT John Jenkins Georgia
    58 Denver DE Damontre Moore Texas A&M
    59 New England CB Tyrann Mathieu LSU
    60 Atlanta LB Khaseem Greene Rutgers
    61 San Francisco TE Gavin Escobar San Diego State
    62 Baltimore OT Terron Armstead Arkansas-Pine Bluff

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