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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by LBC_Justin, May 18, 2006.

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    My girlfriend is graduating from college (Cal-State Long Beach) in a few days and is going into teaching. This semester she had her student teaching so she was unable to work her regular job so for money she has been tutoring kids in the evenings.

    Before the NFL Draft: Obviously she knows I am a huge NFL fan so she came home one day and told me "Hey the older brother of a few of the kids I am tutoring is in the NFL draft. Some team named the Chiefs called while was there." I was surprised and asked what his name was and she said his name was Ashley or something like that. So I did a look up and couldn't find any major prospects named Ashley.

    So the draft comes and we look online to see if the guy got drafted. We find nothing. I explain to her that there are a lot of guys that never get drafted but end up on teams anyways.

    A few days following the draft she is back over at the guys house and he is there. My girlfriend tells me he was drafted by the Jaguars, and his name isn't Ashley it is Mark. I tell her there is no guy named Mark drafted by the Jaguars. She tells me look him up, his name is "Mark Sade Lewis". LOL, I say you mean to tell me you were just at Marcedes Lewis house? She says his mom just calls him Mark.

    I tell her she needs to ask for a raise because he was drafted in the first round and is going to be getting some big bucks.

    Well she has seen him several times since then (including last night), she described him as very tall, atheletic, quiet, and very family orientated.

    I liked how this guy played in college and he seems like a nice guy. Too bad he went to one of the four teams in the NFL I actively root against.
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    Haha...funny story :bananasplit:

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