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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by BlueThunder, Sep 25, 2006.

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    The conclusion i've come to is that the defense is confused by the offenses were facing.They are not reading the keys and adjusting to the offense.I'm not going to go to far into it but offense do things that let you know what there up to and our defense isn't seeing the clues.I think we need to get the whole team in 2 different rooms and break down film.Its good for the vets and it teaches the youth how to use film breakdown.The NYG defense has been studying film of the stance of OL and have figured out how to read run or pass just by reading there stance.The answer I think is mandatory film room this week on KC and a conservative defense that reads and reacts.We need everyone involved and everyone calling what they see on the field so noone misses whats going to happen.This unit has lost some confidence and to get that confidence back is by giving them knowledge.

    MORE FILM!:highfive:

    NoteThe defense has there lane, responsibilities and they are not maintaining there duties in the lanes first.It all a product of the tricle down effect.If the front 7 don't hold it effects the secondary.
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    A few thoughts from the game ....

    1. I came into this game thinking, jokingly, that there may actually be a few good college offenses that could give our defense a run for the money. Then the Redskins ran a few plays that looked like what we've all seen on Saturdays for years. It was kind of funny.

    2. Mark Brunell showed that the Texans passing game of 2005 (short hitch passes and WR screens) could have been wildly successful - if only we played ourselves all year. Did Brunell ever actually throw the ball beyond 7 yards? I wonder if there are Redskin fans complaining about how he never completed a long pas and the 22 consecutive thing was just a function of him throwing "safe" passes. I'm honestly not sure whether to applaud them for sticking with what was working, or despair over our defense being even worse than the first two weeks. At least in the first two games, it was McNabb and Manning.

    3. There was a defensive play yesterday that summed up the defense perfectly for me. On the TD play, left sideline (Randle El's?), Glenn Earl collided into Babin as the Redskin went into the end zone. Babin got up, threw his arms up, and expressed his discontent with Earl right there, as the Redskins celebrated.

    4. The Texans really should start running plays from the shotgun. Supposedly, it kills the running game, but we don't have one to speak of anyway. David Carr has shown himself to be completely incapable of consistently handling a center exchange, so just go shotgun. Besides, they've already run plays from wishbone, empty backfield, three tight ends, and various other formations. May as well add shotgun.

    5. Andre Johnson is on pace for a lot of yardage. He's also on pace for 16 drops, which would be higher than either of the Seattle receivers a couple years ago when everyone was blasting them for drops. Oh, and has anyone else noticed that AJ leads the league in getting tackled on the 2-yard line since he came in the NFL? Maybe just bad luck or something, but wow.

    6. Who knew Bruener could catch? :shades:

    Anyway, just a few random thoughts. Here's to better luck vs. Miami :redtowel:

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