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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by El Tejano, Feb 18, 2010.

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    If there were an old guy to go after in FA, I think it would have to be Kevin Mawae. He's still got a good amount left in him and I think the knowledge he would impart to a guy like Caldwell would be awesome. You could let Caldwell still get some PT at guard.

    Titans | Mawae expected to test market
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    Wed, 17 Feb 2010 21:30:31 -0800

    Jim Wyatt, of The Tennessean, reports Tennessee Titans C Kevin Mawae is expected to test the free-agent market. Mawae's agent, Mark Bartelstein, acknowledged the chances of Mawae returning to the Titans in 2010 were "diminished" after they reached a deal with OG Eugene Amano. Bartelstein added, "And I think the Titans have a young guy there they are trying to bring along and they just made a big investment in Amano. So I am not sure that the role Kevin would have as a Titan is worthy of what Kevin is as a player right now."
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    would love to add Mawae's toughness and moxie to the team. He also holds a lot of weight with the officials as his status as a veteran helps him not get the penalties for some of his questionable tactics.

    Lord knows we need a Center. We are now entering our 9th season as an NFL franchise and have yet to field a Center worthy of starting in the NFL. Our Center position has been absolutely horrible since Day One.

    Make it happen, Bob. Maybe he can help shepherd Caldwell into proficiency and help ease the transition from the suckitude of Myers. Caldwell better develop into something because they spent an early pick on him, and if he can't beat out a Center as awful as Myers....well, that has me worried a bit.
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    If he'll sign a 2 year deal go for it.

    I disagree we have never had an NFL center. McKinney definitely played to NFL caliber 3-4 of his years. He did have one horrible season but bounced back to have a very good year the next.

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