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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Ole Miss Texan, Mar 3, 2007.

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    After seeing a new thread for Drew Stanton, I thought I'd start a new one on KK. I went back a few pages to see if I could bring up an old one of Kolb becuase i know he's a hot topic around here, but didn't see one..which leads me to believe i skipped over it on accident. this is

    What are everyone's thoughts on Kevin Kolb? I have seen him mainly projected as a third rounder, what is it looking like these days? you think he goes in the 2nd round or maybe slip to us in the 4th round?

    I don't know much about him. I would love to hear some QUALITY input about him and why he would be a good or bad Texan QB. IE..does he fit the system Kubiak is installing? Does he have good mobility? Arm Strength? throw well on the run? is he a smart player? How are his feet? does he have good accuracy? does he have good vision of the field and receivers? what kind of pocket presence does he have?...etc.

    I was never too high on taking him in the 3rd but am really warming up to convince me !! I'd definitly take him in the 4th rd but is that hoping for too much?

    just to give you an idea of where i'm coming from. I think we should stay put at 8. trading down is hard, and trading up should not be remotely considered imo. I would like us to take Laron Landry in the 1st. Then I'm kinda on a Michael Bush phase right now for our 2nd selection.

    Apparently Kubiak like Kolb and has talked to him, Is this true? say we get Kolb in the 3rd rd. I would want him to sit for at least a year. Maybe learn as much as he can and once he's ready or Carr's contract is done in 2 years, throw in Kolb ...especially seeing how the o-line should be a lot better then.
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    I think if he didn't play at UofH, there wouldn't be such high demand or interest.
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    first off I have no "man love" for Kevin Kolb. I don't care a flip that he played for the COUGARS. all I care about is he the solution to the Texans QB position. since we live here many of us have seen him play & all I've got to say is he has good velocity, very accurate and throws well on the run. he goes through progressions, uses the RB/FB/TE alot underneath and can throw over the middle 20-25 yards on a rope, once in a while air it out 55-65 yards. seems like a good fit for Kubiaks system & a great guy :)

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