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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by mattieuk, Dec 14, 2008.

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    I think one of the main things we've been doing over these past few weeks is keeping the clock in our hands, and not letting the other team get started. Today especially, we didn't let the Tacks get started on their running game, by only letting them have a few shots at it, and stepping it up on D at important times.

    Since the second half of the Indy game, we've been taking care of keeping the opposition off the field, and making sure it counts for at least something. The 16 play, 8 minute 41 second drive during the 1st/2nd quarter today really put the Titans offensive machine, and they only picked up 6 yards on their next two drives combined. Overall their offense had their behinds parked on the bench for 18:37 of the first half (almost two-thirds), and that set the tone for their game, in their lack of total yardage.

    We need to continue grinding out these kind of drives, even though it only ended up going for a field goal, to slow down our opponents and really get a dominant footing in controlling the game. The consistency in the ground game has been paying dividends, not only in the large amounts of yardage Slaton has been churning up, but also keeping us on the field, and not over-relying on the air game.

    Just as a note of interest, our time of possession from the past 4 games in our streak has been:

    Cleveland - 37:25
    Jags - 26:57
    Green Bay - 34:03
    Tacks - 36:22

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