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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by jayjordan, Dec 11, 2006.

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    Im tired of hearing everbody crying about this and that. So what if people cheer for VY he is the hometown hero thats probably many peoples favorite player. Maybe if we had a quaterback to cheer for or get excited about it maybe different. But all in all we didnt get VY so let it go when he comes to reliant he is the opponent. Its cool to cheer when they announce his name in the beginning or whatever but once the game starts thats where it stops. Now to Carr I have my theory on that but I rather not say many my take it offensive. It was funny how everyone was talking about his rating and how good he was supposed to be but we where still losing. Carr makes to many bad decisions and some of the play calling is suspect also. For instance, in the recent game verses the titans in the beginning drive carr threw for 6-6 but the throws were all 3 yards or less and we didnt get 1st downs. Carr plays to timid, he would be a good backup QB. Hopefully this year we can snatch up Troy Smith or if maybe (I think his name is) Matt Schubb. Something like that. Im a texan fan but the decisions they make in the front office they make sure and show that this is still the south and you can take that how you want it.

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