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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by baba ganoush, May 1, 2006.

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    Just Think of the guys we could of had if we traded down with the Jets....
    The Jets wanted Reggie Bush which would then force the Saints to take D'Brickashaw Ferguson and then Tennessee with Vince Young and Houston would have still gotten Mario Williams for a CHEAPER price. Im just saying if we traded the Jets and just say we got their two first rounders and a fifth round pick or draft could have ended up like this if they took "the best player available"....

    1 - Mario Williams - DE
    29 - Kelly Jennings - CB
    33 - Thomas Howard - OLB
    65 - Eric Winston - OT
    66 - Abdul Hodge - ILB
    98 - Darnell Bing/Ko Simpson - S
    150 - Chris Kuper - OT
    170 - Reggie McNeal - QB/WR
    251 - Marcus Vick - QB/RB/WR/DB

    To know that we could have gotten all of these players just upsets me because it shows that our Texans organization doesnt know what it is doing!!!
    Mario will be Mario, then you address the corner position in which we did not do in this draft, then you go with a fast playmaker who posses all the skills to become a dominant player, now you hit the offensive line with one of the best players that we rated at the tackle position...you help with our week linebacker core and fill the inside with Abdul Hodge and then you know we need new safteys and either one of these guys would have been a great value pick for the team in such a late round...then you address the offensive line again with a big guy who knows what he is doing...then with your last two picks you can see if either oof these guys would be able to produce...McNeal is tall and could play wide reciever because he has outstanding speed...then you through in a guy like Marcus Vick who you can experiment with, he likes to hit people so you could try him in the secondary and hes fast so you could possibly play him at running back or reciever, he also has a good arm in which he can play quarterback like he did in college or he might even turn out to be like his brother or even better which I highly doubt...

    tell me what you think.....
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    The Jets didn't want to play. It's as simple as that. You can't force other teams to trade when they don't want to.

    We took DeMeco Ryans over Howard at #33, so you would expect us to repeat the process. Much the same story at #66, #98, #170 and #251.

    Marcus Vick???
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    Yeah, that would have been sweet if it could've happened. You have to think that kubes was looking around for the trade down if they were set on picking Mario. That also would be a BIG gamble to bank on NO taking D'Brick.
  4. Errant Hothy

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    They wouldn't have. Mario was their pick untill Reggie became available.
  5. BigBull17

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    With Bush off the board, there was NO way N.O would have passed on Mario. He was their guy all the way at #2. If you have your guy you know you want and need and you believe is the best player and you pick 1 you take him. Especially if he wont make to the pick you trade down to.:twocents:

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