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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Ali4Real, Feb 12, 2008.

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    While reading some posts on Texans Talk I noticed a lot of negative comments regarding Von Hutchins. Personally, I felt that he played well considering this was only his second full season as a defensive back. Looking at his stats, he made 95 tackles, 0.5 sacks, and had 1 interception. These stats are not Pro-Bowl worthy but are solid stats IMO.

    Getting to my point, I feel that in the 2008 NFL Draft, we need to add solid players to our defense. The Texans finished the 2007 season ranked 22nd in points allowed, 24th in yards allowed, 25th in passing yards allowed, and 19th in rushing yards allowed.

    These stats are promising and prove that our teams well continue to get better but there is still more work left to be done. I would like the Texans to focus on two main positions in the draft, safety and linebacker.

    Are their any safeties that can also play cornerback? If yes, then I think we should consider drafting athletes as such so we can put them at cornerback and then once Dunta Robinson comes back healthy we can slide him back to safety.

    I also like the linebackers in this draft and I hope we give some thought to such as Erin Henderson from Maryland or Xavier Adibi, an undersized but solid linebacker IMO.

    Also, we need to find an offensive tackle to groom just in case Charles Spencer doesnÂ’t come back in time.

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    hes good depth but he was getting picked on late in the season.. i just think people dont want us to overpay him because hes not worth it.. once hes cheap, we'll like him :)
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    Yeah, I like him as a nickle, nothing more. Maybe start A game if someone is injured, but he cant be our #2 CB.
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    agreed. Either you believe that Richard Smith sucks as the DC. Or you believe their is a direct correlation between the number of times they bring the heat and the tallent level of the back seven. Not a knock on Von Hutchinson.... can't be a third reason.

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