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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by TEXANFAN23435, Apr 27, 2006.

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    You know, I can really live with either Bush or Super Mario as our #1 pick. One, really picks up the offense the other really picks up the defense. We don't lose either way.

    I like the idea of having 4 of the first 66 picks but there are a couple of players I'd really like to get that may not be there by picks 65 and 66. So, would there be any takers if we offered picks 65 and 66 for a late R1 pick??? If yes, which teams might be interested??? This way we get 3 of the top 33 players:

    R1-01: Bush(RB) USC or Williams(DE) NC ST.

    R1-??: Cromartie(CB) FSU or Carpenter(OLB) OSU / If either fall to R2...We could be lucky enough to have both. If not:

    R2-33: Joseph(CB) SC, Ryans(OLB) BAMA, McIntosh(OLB) UM or Bing(S) USC.

    Any of these guys could offer an immediate impact.
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    #65=265 pts, #66=260 pts total 525 point based on value chart. Equal to#37 (5th pick in 2nd rnd)

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