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Discussion in 'Texas High School Football' started by JB, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Wherever I was, I was more than likely drunk
    Not sure where to put this thread, so mods please move if needed.

    I just got home from picking up my youngest daughter. She is a cheerleader for the 8th grade football team. The game was running really late tonite, and after she got in the truck, she told me why. Seems that in a one on one collision, one of the boys broke his neck. I don't know if they were sure, or just taking precautions. Game had a long delay while waiting for the ambulance to get there.

    I am praying the young man will be ok.

    But something like this makes you realize a few things...

    Football is a violent sport at any level.

    sorry, I can't put my thoughts into words right now, I'll try again later. Not sure why this has me so shook.
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    Prayers to that young man and his family!!!

    Football is a violent sport, but we knew that going in.... Do you think my nose would look as bad as it does, without that ****? What about the multiple concussions that I've experienced?? (all from starting at 5 years old, all the way through high school)... I even experienced two concussions serving in the military. One in an APC accident and one in our on-post flag football league! LOL


    I hope this young man is fine and leads a normal life!! Again, prayers sent!!!!
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    Thoughts and Prayers from here too for the young man. Has to be extremely tramatic for all in attendance and at each school.

    Nice post, JB.

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