Is the Denver/Green Bay connection real or in our heads?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Errant Hothy, Nov 13, 2007.

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    Since the end of last year here are the players the Texans have signed since the end of last year, and the teams they have played for in chronological order:

    Ahman Green: Seattle, Green Bay
    Andre David: Cleveland, New England, Buffalo
    Michael Boulware: Seattle
    Jamar Fletcher: Miami, San Diego, Detroit
    Shawn Barber: Washigton, Philadelphia, KC
    Jordan Black: KC
    Devin Aromashodu: Indy
    Matt Schaub: Atlanta
    Danny Clark: Jacksonville, Oakland, New Orleans
    Will Demps: Baltimore, New York
    Rashad Butler: Carolina
    Craig Nall: Green Bay, Buffalo
    Adimchinobi Echemandu: Cleveland, Minnesota, Oakland
    Tyrone Poole: Carolina, Indy, Denver, New England, Oakland
    Jeff Zgonina: Pittsburg, Carolina, Atlanta, St. Louis, Indy, Miami
    Corume Cox: Atlanta, Denver
    Matt Turk: Washington, New York, Miami, St. Louis
    Shane Boyd: Arizona

    Going back to 2006 you get the following:
    Ron Dayne: New York, Denver
    Sage Rosenfels: Washington, Miami
    Jameel Cook: Tampa Bay
    Vonta Leeck: Green Bay
    Kevin Walter: Cincannati
    Jeb Putzier: Denver
    Mike Flanagan: Green Bay
    Ephraim Salaam: Atlanta, Denver, Jacksonville
    Chris White: Green Bay
    Earl Cochran: Green Bay (was a street FA, having last played in 03)
    N. D. Kalu: Philadelphi, Washington
    Anthony Weaver: Baltimore
    Dexter Wynn: Philadelphia
    Scott Jackson: Tampa Bay
    Cedric Killings: San Fransico, Carolina, Minnesota, Washington
    Roc Alexander: Denver
    Jason Horton: Green Bay
    Anthony Maddox: Jacksonville
    Samkon Gado: Green Bay

    I think that in the 06 off-season you could voice a concern over the amount of players coming n from Green Bay and Denver, but if you look at the amount of turnover there has been on the roster since then it's only prudent that the coaches bring in a few people they are familiar with. Since the 07 off season this trend has diminished considerable. And it's not like all the signings from Denver and Green bay have been poor signings, in fact some have been pretty damn good.

    If yo look closely there are also a afew other teams whose names appear nearly as much as Green Bay and Denver.

    I think this Green Bay/Denver at one time might have been true; but the fact that it keeps coming up is because we fans keep bringing it up,not because it is still happening.
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    Seems like for a GB connection in '06. This year is pretty much even.
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    There is a connection. But it makes sense. We're doing what those teams do. We need guys who know the system. If you can't find great talented guys walking the streets (woah in the middle of the season are you kidding?) you might as well get guys who can step in and play quickly.

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    It's going to take a few more seasons of drafts and FA signings before Kubiac gets the type of players he wants for his system here. We are a long ways behind having the type of debth on this team that the good teams have.
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    Don't forget the trade of Morency for Samkon early in the 2006 season. Ugh.
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    Just to put things into perspective:
    Out of all 35 players listed 13 played for Green Bay and/or Denver (that's 37% of our signings.) That's 7 from Green Bay (20%) and 6 from Denver (17%.) Also, it is 4 (2 GB/2 Den) in 2007 with the Kubiak/Sherman connection and 9 (5 GB/4 Den) from 2006.

    Good post Hoth-Boy, I was under the impression that there was a much greater connection between our FA signings and our coaches' former teams(not that there is anything wrong with that.) That goes to show that perception isn't always reality.

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