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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by alphajoker, Apr 10, 2006.

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    Mar 5, 2005
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    ...of opening up the Texans homepage and seeing the same picture of Aaron Halterman? Not that I have something against the guy its just that I'm so excited about this upcoming season that I'm always starving for any news on the Texans. I mean, even if we went into the '06 season with the team we have now...on paper, I would like to think we'll still be very competitive. I have full faith in the new coaching staff (until given reason not to) and am very happy with the free agents he has brought in. To further add to my impatience for the season, we still have the draft and no matter who they get, they will have someone who will instantly make an impact and which for me, I hope that someone will be Reggie Bush. But whether it is Ferguson or Williams or even Young, the Texans will be a Phoenix ready to rise from it's ashes in the AFC South dweller and be a team that will compete and I think will surprise. Here's to the start of a new era in Houston Texans football!!!
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    Since sunday the HP has been suffering from some hacker or server problems, all news were rolled back one week or so. SO, Halterman is a welcome sight for me ;)

    I do agree, things look good, I'm more happy now than this time last year.
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    Probably those Eagle and Bills fans
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    Great post! I agree 1000%. Whoever is running this webpage needs a dose of excitement. These headlines are snoozers. And this noname whose been the top story for 1 week? Who cares!! Give us the stuff we want please.

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