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    I was going through some old books and found this one. It's from 1993, with Peter King interviewing football people like Boomer, Jimmy Johnson, Bruce Smith, Rod Woodson, Barry, Johnny Holland, Tasker, Mel Gray, etc.

    This may not be the correct forum, but I thought more people would frequent here than the NFL forum.

    Another football book that I've enjoyed.

    Here's an excerpt of the foreword from Bill Wash, I hope you find it interesting!

    Football is detail work. It's teaching. People in baseball may disagree, but I think football is the real thinking person's game... (ha)

    ... My approach is to teach, because players need to be prepared mentally to play the sophisticated football of the nineties.

    If there's one thing that frustrates me a little bit about fans and the media, it's that they really don't - and they can't - grasp the mind-boggling and painstaking detail that goes into a football game. When things go wrong, they lash out. That's their right, certainly. But I wish they could step back sometimes and look at a play that's gone awry and say, "Why didn't that work?" They need to understand the detail.

    As a coach, I know I have to start with smart players. It might not have been so important in past eras, but today we're asking players to do so much and to know so many schemes. Without basic intelligence, they simply can't play. And if they're not just plain smart, they're not going to be able to do the things a sophisticated coach is going to ask. With the speed on the field today, their technique and knowledge of what they have to do has to be keen or they'll get buried. A player like Bill Ring of the 49ers, who wasn't physically gifted, was a great contributor, despite his lack of speed and size and quickness, because he was a tremendous student of the game.

    As you'll see in this book, intelligent players have an infinitely better chance to succeed...

    You will come away from the book knowing what football is really about.

    Bill Wash.
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    Great Quote.

    I've been reading "Footballs West Coast Offense" by Frank Henderson and Mel Olson.

    Coming from a guy that played Div 1 college ball..I've had to read this book 4-5 times and still havent gotten everything down. For anyone interested it is a FANTASTIC read.
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    Over here.
    Ummm....duh? :mcnugget:

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